Princess Aurora
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Mini Princess Aurora Tells It Like It Is, Embarrassing Disney Cast Member

We’ve got another video from the Most Magical Place on Earth that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face! A sweet moment at a regal meet-and-greet was caught on camera today.

The TikTok video, posted by @kitterineroberts, shows Princess Aurora from the beloved animated classic Sleeping Beauty (1959) in her pink dress and golden crown. The Disney princess was interacting with what looked like her mini-me, a child wearing a similar dress and crown, albeit in a different color. 

As the video opens, Princess Aurora is in the middle of a story, but the tiny child isn’t paying any attention. Opting to study the Princess’s glamorous features instead, she notices something and isn’t shy about announcing it to the character.

The munchkin tells Princess Aurora she’s sweating in a high-pitched tone that seems to imply surprise. The Disney Cast Member immediately started laughing, but she definitely seemed embarrassed; who wouldn’t be?!

Hats off to the Princess, who must’ve been so hot in her attire. She responded to the little girl, asking her if the reason she was sweating could possibly have something to do with the heat. The tiny princess agreed, standing in close proximity and glaring at her face.


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Princes Aurora came prepared because the next thing she did was pull out a cloth from inside her costume! She dabbed her face as the child watched her every move, pointing out the sweaty spots she missed!

When the character finishes wiping off her face, the little one confirms she got all the spots, and the Princess laughs, undoubtedly embarrassed by the exchange.

Walt Disney World Castle

Credit: Perfecting the Magic

Although the encounter was amusing, it maintained its sweetness as the Cast Member handled the situation like a pro! With the Florida heat incredibly intense during the summertime, it’s no wonder the poor Princess was uncomfortable.

We hope Disney Cast Members know that we see their hard work and appreciate their dedication to bringing magic to Guests of the Walt Disney World Resort!

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