Mother’s Day Edition: Mom’s Favorite Moments at Disney Parks

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and motherly figures out there! For this Mother’s Day, we thought we’d highlight some of a mother’s favorite moments at Disney World and Disneyland California.

Disney moms everywhere can agree that taking their little ones to Disney is a lifelong dream. Seeing the kids running around getting excited (or sometimes frightened) by the Characters, smiling and laughing hysterically on some of the classic rides they used to go on. It’s a moment when everything comes full circle.

So here are a few timeless moments reported from Disney-loving moms that we think every mom or motherly figure should eventually experience.

Credit: Disney

Admiring your kid in their first pair of Mickey ears.

Whether it’s a headband or the custom embroidered Mickey ear hats, it will be a lifetime memory for the mom watching their little one run around with their first pair of ears. Not to mention all of the picture-perfect moments that will follow with the moms and their kiddos in their matching ears.

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Watching the fireworks together.

Whether it’s the very first time or the 100th time you’ve watched the Disney Fireworks with your kids, there’s something special about the music, the lights, and the whole atmosphere. Moms love to watch the amazement on their kid’s faces time and time again. Even for moms with older kids, it can still be such a sentimental moment to share together. And don’t even get us started on the firework shows that include the tear-jerking song “Baby Mine” from Dumbo (1941). Truly an emotional moment.

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Appreciating an adult beverage at one of the Disney bars.

After a long day (or several long days) of Disney over-stimulation and tired feet, one of the greatest moments for moms is just relaxing for a few minutes with a glass of wine or a cocktail from one of the many restaurants or bars located on the Walt Disney World Resort premises or Disneyland Resort. Note, at Disneyland, it can be harder to find a spot that serves up alcohol. We can personally recommend the lobby bar at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, or at California Adventure.

Moms with grown-up kids can appreciate this moment together.

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Taking a Babymoon to Disney World

Although pregnant women should take caution about what rides they will go on, Walt Disney World is an excellent place to visit for a babymoon. Pregnant mommies to be should make sure to get plenty of photos so they can properly document their kid’s first trip to Disneyland.

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Meeting the Characters with your kids.

Although we are still waiting for some character meet and greets to come back (depending on your preferred Disney Park) it’s a great moment for moms to see how their kids will react to meeting characters for the first time. Will they be overjoyed and thoroughly excited, or will they cry and try to run for their lives away from the characters?

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Whether you’re a long-time mom, a new mommy, or a mother figure in a child’s life, there are so many special moments to be had at the Disney World Parks. No matter if it’s EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, The Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Disneyland, California Adventure, the list goes on and on! Choose your Park and make those memories with your kiddos.

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