The Must-Dos Of Any Disney Cruise

A Disney Cruise is a must for any Disney lover, and it’s fair to say that once you’ve sailed, and joined the Castaway Club, you’re likely to want to sail again and again.

If you’re anything like us here at Disney Tips, once you’re a Silver Castaway Member (after 1 cruise with Disney Cruise Line), your aim is to achieve Gold Member Status (achieved after your 5th Disney cruise), and have the ultimate goal of becoming a Platinum Member (achieved after 10 Disney cruises)!

Similarly, once you’ve cruised on one Disney Cruise Line Ship, don’t be surprised to feel the need to want to sail on every other Disney Ship. Each Disney Cruise Line Ship provides something unique and special, from the decor to the mascot in the atrium, to the places you will visit whilst onboard. The current Disney Ships that are in operation are the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy (in order of Maiden Voyages).

The Disney Cruise Line fleet will soon be expanding, adding the highly anticipated Disney Wish, which has recently been unveiled to the world in Papenburg, Germany. The Disney Wish is scheduled to set sail on her 5-night maiden voyage, leaving Port Canaveral on July 14, 2022. In terms of itineraries, the Disney Wish will follow those currently offered by the Disney Dream, which includes 3 and 4-night Bahamian sailings, to Nassau, The Bahamas, and Disney Castaway Cay.

Disney cruise line wish

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Disney Cruise Line offers a range of cruises, from 2 nights through to 14 nights. Some cruises follow regular itineraries, such as Bahamian and Caribbean cruises all year round, or Alaskan and European Cruises during the summer. Other cruises offer unique or special itineraries, where places such as Hawaii or the Southern Caribbean are visited. Regardless of the itinerary of choice, every Disney Cruise Line Guest is in for a magical sailing.   

Whether you are counting down to your first sailing with Disney Cruise Line, or are looking forward to sailing onboard a different ship to your last cruise, you’ll be excited to enjoy all that a Disney Cruise has to offer. Here, we list the experiences that you should include in your time onboard. You haven’t cruised with Disney Cruise Line unless you’ve done each of these things!

Get up to watch the sunrise

Whilst it can be tempting to lay in bed and get up a little later than usual whilst on vacation, you should definitely set an alarm one morning so that you can enjoy the sunrise. Let’s be honest, it’s not every day you can enjoy the sunrise whilst enjoying a coffee on the top deck of a Disney Cruise Line Ship.

You’ll likely find that you are one of the few Guests awake at this time, so you basically have the Ship to yourself. Enjoy the peace and tranquility that this time of day brings.

In case you’re wondering what time sunrise is, be sure to check your Stateroom TV or the Cruise Navigator App. Sunrise and sunset times are detailed for each day of your cruise, as well as the weather forecast. This will come in handy, as it’ll save you having an early start on a cloudy day when you end up missing the sunrise!


Credit: V Mills

Catch the sunset

This is a little easier to do than sunrise, as it doesn’t involve an early alarm! However, it can be a little tricky to fit this into a shorter cruise, depending on your dinner time and the awesome shows on offer at the Walt Disney Theatre. You definitely won’t be disappointed though, when you do catch the sunset whilst on a Disney Cruise.

Top deck is a great place to enjoy the sunset, but so is Deck 4. If sunset coincides with your dinner seating time, it’s worth speaking with your serving team to let them know you’ll be a little late to dinner one night. They may be able to take your dinner selections the night before so that your appetizer can be served up as soon as you are seated.

Remember to check your Stateroom TV or the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App for sunset times, for each day of your cruise.


Credit: V Mills

Join the Midship Detective Agency

This fun activity is open to everyone: kids and kids-at-heart! It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the cruise ship and also interact with the beautiful artwork located on each floor.

Available at any time of day, have fun solving puzzles presented in a scavenger hunt. The booklet provides a neat souvenir to take home with you too! Check your Cruise Line Navigator App for the exact locations of the Midship Detective Agency when onboard.


Credit: V Mills

Win a Mickey Medallion

Be sure to take part in at least one Disney Trivia quiz whilst taking a Disney Cruise. It’s a chance to test your Disney knowledge and learn something new. If Disney tunes are your specialty, then be sure to take part in Disney Tunes Trivia.

If you win, you’ll get to take home one of the famous Mickey Medallions, that are only available onboard Disney Cruise Line. Wear it with pride whilst on board, to show everyone you are a winner!


Credit: V Mills

Attend the Youth Activities Open House

This is your chance to be a kid, and enjoy all that the younger Guests on board get to enjoy when they’re in the Youth Activities. Be sure to visit each of the areas, including Disney’s Oceaneer Club (our personal favorite), Disney’s Oceaneer Lab, Edge, and Vibe. When open, you can also experience the “it’s a small world” Nursery. 


Credit: V Mills

Watch a Walt Disney Theatre production

Each Disney Cruise is likely to offer two productions to enjoy in the Walt Disney Theatre. One show will be a Disney Cruise Line original production (either Disney’s Believe or Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic). The other show will be a musical spectacular of a favorite Disney movie, such as Aladdin (1992), Frozen (2013), Tangled (2010), or Beauty and the Beast (2017).

If you are sailing on a longer itinerary, each show is likely to be shown on two separate days, so you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the shows. Look out for afternoon performances, as these tend to be a little less crowded than the evening performances, and can give you a break from the sun.

Whichever shows you get to experience onboard a Disney Cruise, you are in for the best time! You’ll be sat in an exquisite theatre, watching a Broadway standard show. Prepare to sing along, laugh, cry and enjoy a true theatre experience!


Credit: V Mills

Order Room Service

No Disney experience is complete without snacking on a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar. This is also true for a Disney Cruise. But just when you thought a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar Bar couldn’t get any more magical, what if I told you that you can enjoy it from your very own stateroom balcony?

Yes, that’s true! At some point during your cruise, retire to your stateroom during the afternoon and place your order via your Stateroom phone. Then enjoy your favorite Mickey-shaped treat from your balcony, in the sunshine, listening to the lapping waves below. Absolute perfection!


Credit: V Mills

Another favorite room service order of ours is milk and cookies. Although it isn’t detailed on the room service menu, it sure is available to order. This makes for the perfect pre-bedtime snack, whilst enjoying a Disney movie on your Stateroom TV.

Order a hot drink topped with your favorite Disney Character

Whether you’re partial to a cappuccino or a flat white or prefer a hot chocolate, you’ll definitely want to stop by Cove Cafe. Although drinks come at an additional charge here, they are absolutely worth it, to be topped with your favorite Disney character.

Don’t forget to take that Instagram-worthy photo first, before enjoying it from top deck! This makes for the perfect treat to enjoy the sunrise or sunset with, whilst onboard your Disney Cruise. Be sure to pick up some freshly baked goods from the counter too, to enjoy with your hot beverage!


Credit: V Mills

Order the Cocktail of the Day

Yes, that’s right – there is a cocktail of the day for each day of your Cruise! Check your Disney Cruise Line Navigator App to find out the ingredients of each cocktail, then place your order at any of the bars located around the Ship. There’s also a non-alcoholic cocktail of the day offered too, that’s perfect for anyone of all ages to enjoy!


Credit: V Mills

Get a photo with the Captains

You may be thinking “there’s only one Captain of the Ship, and that’s the person who sails it”. Well yes – that’s one of them. But don’t be surprised to learn that are 2 other Captains aboard a Disney Cruise too: Captain Mickey; and Captain Minnie. Look out for them around the Ship and be sure to stop by for a photo – they really do look incredible!


Credit: V Mills

Have the atrium all to yourself

Despite the atrium being the main feature of each Disney Ship, don’t be surprised to find that you can enjoy having it all to yourself during your cruise. Not only is it a peaceful place to sit, and take in the stunning decor, but it provides a wonderful photo opportunity too. Great times to stop by are early morning and late evening.


Credit: V Mills

Buy a piece of Disney Cruise Line merchandise

It’s only right to take home a souvenir from your Disney Cruise vacation, and even better that you won’t pay tax on it! Whilst cruising, stores on the Disney Ships are open when the ship is not in port.

This means you’ll have plenty of time to browse the vast range of merchandise on offer and choose the perfect item for you to remember your trip by! Personal favorite items of ours include the Christmas ornaments and the Disney Cruise Line clothing.


Credit: Disney

Whether you include all of these things in one Disney Cruise or plan them across multiple cruises, they’ll only add to the magic that your vacation brings! Happy cruising!

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