Name the Disney Theme Park Table Service Restaurant That Serves This Dish

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If you’ve ever planned a trip to Walt Disney World, you’ve no doubt researched the table service restaurants on property so you could plan advanced dining reservations accordingly.  

You may even have more than a passing acquaintance with the various restaurants that call Disney’s theme parks home.  

But can you identify the dishes that these restaurants are known for? The signature appetizers, main courses, or desserts that keep Guests coming back for more? Let’s find out!  

Here are some popular dishes served at table service restaurants within Disney theme parks. Can you name that restaurant? 

Grey Stuff

We’re starting off with a bit of a freebie. If you’ve ever seen Disney’s classic animated film Beauty and the Beast (1991), you’re familiar with this famous dish. And you might also know that you can find it at Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park.  

What exactly is this famed Grey Stuff (besides so delicious, it earned itself a song lyric)? It usually takes the form of a chocolate cupcake topped with delectable cookies-and-cream icing that’s piped in a beautiful swirled pattern and topped with dragées – teensy confectionary balls, for the uninitiated – because, well, everything at Be Our Guest Restaurant is gorgeous.

The Grey Stuff has such a cult following that you can even find easy-to-make recipes online if you want to impress a Beauty and the Beast fan at home!


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Our Famous Cobb Salad

You might not expect a salad to appear on a list of signature table service dishes at Walt Disney World, but this is one seriously famous salad – it might just be the most renowned salad on WDW property, and it’s offered at Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.  

Bob Cobb, the owner of the legendary original Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood, after which the Park’s version is themed, invented the Cobb salad back in the 1930s, so it’s fitting it should be on the menu here!

What’s in it? Our Famous Cobb Salad features your basic salad greens, with egg, bacon, turkey, avocado, tomatoes, blue cheese, and the signature Cobb dressing.  Suffice it to say, you won’t be hungry after indulging in this celebrity of a salad!  

Whole-Fried Sustainable Fish

Typically, if you order fish at a restaurant in Walt Disney World, what arrives on your plate will bear very little resemblance to the actual animal. But not here.  

When you order the Whole-Fried Sustainable Fish at Tiffins Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it arrives complete with the head, the teeth, and the tail, so you’d better not be squeamish!

The dish includes Fermented Black Bean Sauce and crunchy Thai Green Papaya Slaw. It’s received rave reviews from Guests, but let’s face it: part of the reason you order a whole fish is for the Instagram pics (or possibly to traumatize fellow diners as they watch your fish land on your table). Mission. Accomplished.


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Cheddar Cheese Soup

As with Our Famous Cobb Salad, a soup has to be pretty special to become a signature dish at a WDW table service restaurant, and this Cheddar Cheese Soup certainly is. We cheated a bit by leaving off a word in the name of the dish to avoid giving it away: “Canadian”.  

That’s right, this is the famous soup served at Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Park.

The Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup is chock-full of irresistible cheddar, with a generous helping of Nueske’s Applewood-smoked Bacon. But those ingredients don’t fully explain the magic that is this soup.  

There’s a certain “je ne said quoi” that we can only assume derives from the other main ingredient, Moosehead Pale Ale. While “add beer” would definitely not be on my top ten list of ways to make soup more delicious, it clearly works, because a Guest will be hard-pressed to find a more tantalizing soup on WDW property.


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Chocolate Glass Slipper Dessert 

We can’t forget about dessert, the most important part of a meal!  

The Chocolate Glass Slipper Dessert is about as decadent as you can get. As the name suggests, it’s a beautiful milk or white chocolate slipper, served with chocolate mousse, berry puree, white chocolate designs, and even an edible stamp of Cinderella Castle.

This delectable dessert is so exclusive, you won’t find it on any menu, and you’ll need to order it in advance. Where can you find this enigmatic sweet treat?  

It’s traditionally served at Cinderella’s Royal Table in Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park, but it can also be found at some table service restaurants in Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa (call ahead to order).


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Fried Wontons 

Unlike most fried wontons, these little gems aren’t savory – they’re sweet, and they’re amazing! These Fried Wontons are served on skewers with fresh pineapple, and they’re filled with yummy cream cheese accompanied by vanilla ice cream and a honey-vanilla drizzle to top it off. It’s a sweet and unexpected combination, and it just works.

You’ll find them at Yak & Yeti Restaurant in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Yak & Yeti boasts a number of other Guest favorites, including the famed Ahi Tuna Nachos, so whatever you choose to eat here, you’ll walk away happy – and full!

Bottom Line

There’s a reason these dishes became Guest hits, and we’re happy that, despite the ongoing additions and changes to WDW restaurants, these signature items remain on the menu.  

We hope these entries have inspired you to try a new restaurant in a Walt Disney World theme park – or return to reunite with an old favorite!

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