Disney Fans Argue Worst Ride to Get Stuck On

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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There are a few things that make Disney World magical. From the moment you step into Magic Kingdom, you are immersed in the smells of sweet baked goods as you walk down Main Street, U.S.A. As you embark on your adventure for the day, you experience the vibrant colors, plethora of attractions, and the beautiful Cinderella Castle standing front and center. You can find the beauty in just about everything in Disney World, from the smallest details like a hidden Mickey Mouse to the bigger ones like Space Mountain.

Although there are so many amazing things to see and appreciate, some things can put a damper on your day. Of course, weather cannot be controlled, but it can certainly affect the day you have at the Parks. If unprepared for the storm, you may find yourself running to the nearest shop to purchase a Disney poncho or umbrella. Or you may just brush it off and be one of the Guests singing in the rain, enjoying the wet day at Disney. Life is what you make of it, right?

Unexpected Memories at Disney

Though rain will come and go even at “The Most Magical Place On Earth,” some other factors can play a part in a different kind of day at Disney. We all have expectations on how we hope our day will go, like getting a free Lightning Lane pass, getting pixie dusted by a Cast Member, or somehow running into a character that’s not typically doing meet and greets. All those, plus so many more, are the fun, unexpected memories we all cherish from our Disney trips.

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While some of those are more exciting, there are other memorable moments you may not have planned on your trip. Getting stuck on a ride in Disney World is probably one of them. Of course, you don’t enter a queue thinking you’ll be there longer than the wait and ride time. But attractions are machines at the end of the day, which sometimes need a little fine-tuning to continue their hard work.

Spaceship Earth Scene

Credit: Disney

If you’ve ever been stuck on a ride, you know the slight panic that may ensue when you are unsure what’s happening. But Disney and Cast Members do a great job of letting everyone know they are safe, and it’s just a temporary hiccup. Even if it’s only a few minutes, it can become nervewracking, claustrophobic, or just uncomfortable, as some Guests have shared.

One Guest took to Reddit to share their experience stuck on the iconic attraction Haunted Mansion. Other Disney fans quickly commented on their experiences getting stuck on various rides. All the conversation poses the question, which many debated: which ride is the worst to get stuck on?

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What’s the Worst Ride to Get Stuck On?

I suppose this is up to the person stuck on the ride, but many Guests have had similar experiences. Guests reported getting stuck on Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, “its a small world”, Expedition Everest, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Spaceship Earth, and Test Track. Though these attractions are not in the same Park, they have one thing in common: sometimes they break down!

Haunted Mansion Doom buggy

Credit: Disney

Reddit user wrote they were stuck on Haunted Mansion “for over 10 minutes,” adding, “Not the worst ride to be stuck on normally, but it ended up feeling pretty grueling after the first 5 minutes. My neck was sore for the rest of the day!” Another Guest quickly followed, writing, “We got stuck on the first lift on Expedition Everest, and it was pretty bad. The sun got really hot, really quickly. We did get three anytime-use fast passes out of it, though!”

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Although these two Guests had uncomfortable experiences while getting stuck, a third user mentioned how they got stuck in front of the ballroom scene in Haunted Mansion and loved it. Adding, “So much to look at up close, it was great.” Getting stuck mid-ride is never anticipated, but it can be a new memory if it’s not so bad. Naturally, the rides that get stuck in air conditioning versus a Roller Coaster outside during a hot Florida day is a big difference!

How Bad Could It Be?

Inside the Magic adds, “In retrospect, Disney should really invest more time and money into Park maintenance, as the sudden break of the illusion doesn’t do much in favor of the company’s attention to immersion.” However, seeing how some of your favorite rides are operated can be pretty cool. I can recall when I was stuck on Space Mountain, and the lights came on, getting to see all the tracks. Seeing how the iconic roller coaster operated was a neat experience (mostly because I’m not afraid of heights; others may feel differently).

Space Mountain Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Many comments added that hearing the music or voices replay repeatedly was worse than the heat while stuck on a ride. Oftentimes, rides will repeat something to the effect of “your vehicle will begin moving momentarily.” Another Guest noted they fell asleep on Spaceship Earth for nearly twenty minutes before it began moving again, stating, “It was nice, actually.”

I suppose getting stuck on a ride is what you make of it- or more so, where and when you get stuck. What’s most important to note is that Cast Members are always there to save the day and rescue Guests no matter where they are stuck.

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