Netflix Show Creator Leaves to Join Disney

Ryan Murphy
Credit: Los Angeles Times

More change is coming Disney’s way! Disney has been in the spotlight twice in the last week, with two executives leaving The Walt Disney Company. These exits follow many layoffs including employees at both Disney and Pixar.

News has now broken, that Netflix show creator Ryan Murphy will be joining the Disney team. When it comes to show favorites, Murphy is behind many top hits. He has contributed to shows Dahmer, The Watcher, Glee, and American Horror Story.

Originally, Murphy left his home at Fox to work for Netflix with a mind-blowing deal of $300 million. Since then, he has had some misses and successes with the streaming network. Vanity Fair explains, “Murphy’s first three series for Netflix—The PoliticianHollywood, and Ratched—failed to ignite the zeitgeist.” His failures in these series became even more glaring as Bridgerton streamed as an instant hit. Bridgerton was created by Shonda Rhimes who is known for her smash hits Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder. 

Ryan Murphy

Credit: NY Times

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Now, it seemingly comes as no surprise that he is making his way to Disney. Variety details “To the surprise of absolutely no one, uber-producer Ryan Murphy is racing back to his old stomping grounds, and in the process of re-joining longtime collaborator Dana Walden under a new overall deal at Disney.

Murphy and Dana Walden previously worked together at Fox. She is now the co-chairman for Disney Entertainment. There were predictions that the two may reunite at some point, but nothing previously had come to fruition. Variety also writes, “Timing of the news is unusual, given the ongoing writers strike, although chatter of Murphy’s return to Disney has been going on for months — really, years.”

Ryan Murphy and Dana Walden

Credit: Variety

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The writer’s strike began on May 2, 2023, and is still ongoing. It came about in the alliance of two unions for the Writers Guild of America demanding higher pay and more structure in the pay environment. As the strike continues, films and shows have been affected by pushing release dates.

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With all the change Disney is enduring, it is interesting to see what will happen next. But for now, they have gained another creator. As a fan, we can only hope that will translate into more films we know and love.

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