New Report Implies That Bob Iger Was Just as Happy About His Return as Fans Were

In the short time that Bob Chapek ran the Walt Disney Company as the Chief Executive Officer, many changes were made, resulting in many Disney fans feeling alienated.

Although Chapek oversaw the Walt Disney Company during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, most fans are quick to agree that his decisions have changed Disney Parks for the worst.


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When Bob Iger returned and replaced Bob Chapek (who had replaced him only 999 days earlier) in an unexpected turn of events, fans were overjoyed.

Bob Iger reigned as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company from 2005-2019. During those 15 years, Iger made decisions that altered the course of Disney history.

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From purchasing PIXAR Animation Studios to Lucasfilm to expanding the amount of Disney Parks in the world, Iger has secured his place as one of the most influential leaders in the entertainment industry.

A recent report has revealed that Iger was just as happy about his return as CEO as Disney fans were, showcasing his dedication to the Walt Disney Company.


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In a company-wide Town Hall for employees, Bob Iger was asked, “What was it like when you got that phone call?” According to a source who attended the live stream, Iger responded, saying:

It was a surprise. I had some inkling that it would come that day. I talked with my wife. Her reaction was ‘if you’re asked you have to do it. Because you love the company and people so much.’ When the call came, I immediately said yes. I never fully detached, but I got emotionally distanced. [I’m] never second guessing since the call though, including waking up at 4:30am this morning.

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As Iger catches up on the changes made during his absence, it seems that he’s just as happy to be back as the fans are to have him.

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