PHOTOS: This Disney Park Has Been Transformed Into a Real Life Winter Wonderland

What’s more magical than waking up to see your neighborhood has been covered in snow? Waking up and seeing that a Disney Park has been covered in snow!

It’s that time of year again: the children are buzzing with excitement to get out of school for Winter Break, parents are excited to present gifts, families are excited to see each other again, and everybody is excited for Santa Claus to make his yearly visit. Wherever you are, the holiday magic is infectious and inescapable.

Over at Disneyland Paris, the holiday magic has arrived! Not only with festive music and decorations but with a blanket of beautiful, glistening snow.

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Twitter user @dlpfans (Disneyland Paris Fans) posted two stunning pictures of Disneyland Paris Park landmarks covered in snow. In these photos, we can see Big Thunder Mountain and the giant Buzz Lightyear within the Toy Story Playland transformed by the snow.

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For a closer look at Big Thunder Mountain’s snowy transformation, check out this video posted by Twitter user @DLPReport. This classic ride undoubtedly looks and feels different after the change in weather.

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Twitter user @DLPReport also snapped photos of the Disneyland Park’s Phantom Manor, and the Frontierland Theater covered in snow, adding extra ambiance and atmosphere.

As if the Phantom Manor ride couldn’t get any spookier, the layer of snow definitely creates an extra chill.

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But undoubtedly, the most beautiful photo of all is this photo of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle covered in snow. The lights inside the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle seem to glow even brighter against the gloomy, cloudy skies.

If you thought a Disneyland Park couldn’t get any more magical, think again! Although the weather outside may be frightful, the snowy visuals have created an enchanting, real-life winter wonderland.

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