All the Disney Princesses’ Winter Outfits During the Holidays at Disney Parks

Have you ever met the princesses in their winter outfits at Disney Parks during the holidays? Of course, something about seeing them outside of their regular costumes really makes the Christmas season!

Typically, the princesses will don “winter wear,” a warmer version of the regular outfits (as inspired by their Disney films) anywhere from the months of December to February when temperatures at the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Here’s a look at each heroine’s “gay apparel!”

Snow White

snow white winter wear

Credit: Disney Character Central

First, not too different from her usual wear, the Fairest of Them All swaps out her puffs for long, velvet sleeves and always remembers to bring her signature red cape. Plus, she’ll sometimes add warm gloves and a cute turtleneck beneath her corset top in lieu of a scarf!


aurora winter wear

Credit: Disney Character Central

Next, this sleeping beauty’s dress already included long sleeves, but it looks like she’s swapped out the top for a thicker, lined material complete with an adorable fur trim (in the pink of course, sorry Merryweather!).


cinderella winter wear

Credit: Disney Character Central

For Cinderella, her dress is an easy fix! Simply swap out the elegant long gloves for warm long sleeves and a high neckline to protect against the midnight chill (but keep the cute capped sleeves at the shoulders).


ariel outfits walt disney world

Credit: Disney Character Central

Gadgets and gizmos aren’t the only things this little mermaid has “a’ plenty!” Ariel also sports four different winter looks for various shows including FantIllusion, A Perfect Christmas, and Once Upon a Dream. Some versions model her pink dress and its aqua successor from the film but with gold detailing or fur trim, while other times she appears with a warmer covering over her signature seashells! The kelp “sweater” is a personal favorite!


belle winter wear

Credit: Disney Character Central

Interestingly, Belle seems to have multiple variations on her usual village dress and ballgown, most of which include some sort of cloak over gloves and long sleeves. However, you can also sometimes find her in her iconic Christmas ball dress, which is a real treat! More on that to come.


princess jasmine winter outfits disney

Credit: Disney Character Central

The heir to Agrabah used to have the cutest winter version of her classic animated two-piece set. Then, when Disney updated her Park costume to a beautiful, but more modest and culturally accurate look, it did away with the need for cloaks or coverings.


pocahontas winter wear

Credit: Disney Character Central / @heatherw25

Both Pocahontas’s new and old outfits had a winter version featuring sleeves, a longer skirt, and sometimes even pants! What’s more, they drew inspiration from an animated winter costume in her films.


mulan winter cloak

Credit: Disney Character Central

Surprisingly, the stunning warrior doesn’t seem to have a winter outfit besides some gloves and a cloak. Maybe there’s no way to be cold when your best friend is a dragon?


tiana winter wear

Credit: Disney Character Central

Tia’s gorgeous gown makes for the perfect Christmas apparel when adding a fur-trimmed cloak and green poinsettias!


princess rapunzel winter outfits disney

Credit: Princess Central / TangledBea / Character Photos Blog

Luckily, the Lost Princess doesn’t face many changes to her outfit, simply adding in some gloves and a collar. A variation at Disneyland Paris adds sweet magenta gloves. Best snow day ever!


merida winter wear

Credit: Disney Character Central

The wee lass boasts a great cloak over her massive head of hair when the weather gets a bit “dreich!”

BONUS: Anna and Elsa

anna and elsa winter outfits

Credit: Two Disney Sisters

Now, these two Frozen Queens know a thing or two about the cold! Since updating their costumes to the 2019 sequel, they don’t have much need for winter versions of their dresses. Still, back when one of them was still a princess, you could see them in these darling matching cloaks!

Are there any warm winter outfits you’ve seen on your visits with Disney princesses? For more information on the holidays at Walt Disney World, click here!

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