Reasons to Visit Disney Springs During the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend has arrived. The runDisney Health & Fitness Expo is well underway, and each runner is visiting the ESPN Wide World of Sports to collect their race bib and t-shirt. The weekend’s first race takes place tomorrow; Guests will run around EPCOT in the 5k. The 10k will follow on Friday morning, the half marathon will take place on Saturday morning, and the Walt Disney World Marathon will close the weekend on Sunday. Each race begins at 5 a.m. in the Walt Disney World Resort.

The races will guide runners around one or more Disney Park and some of the Disney Resorts. While the 5k and 10k will only take runners through EPCOT theme park, including World Showcase, the half marathon will guide runners through EPCOT and Magic Kingdom Park. The Walt Disney World Marathon is the only weekend race where runners will run through all four Disney Parks, including Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The runDisney Health & Fitness Expo is the place to get the official merchandise for the runDisney event. In addition to participants receiving a t-shirt for the event they are participating in, they will also be able to purchase limited edition merchandise. Guests will also be able to meet fellow runners, speak with professionals and visit other stalls offering products to buy.

Most runners will have planned to spend some time in the Disney Parks during the race weekend. Following a race is a special time to visit, as it allows runners to celebrate their achievements and take photos with their well-earned medals, especially on Main Street, U.S.A. Visiting another Disney Resort for a post-race breakfast is also likely to be in your plans. But Disney Springs is another place to visit during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Let us explain why.


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Personalized Ornaments & Buttons

Mickey’s Days of Christmas is prepped and ready for the influx of Guests who wish to purchase and personalize ornaments to commemorate their achievements in the runDisney event. The Disney store offers a personalization service throughout each day. Expect this to be busy later in the day as the crowds build, so the best time to visit as close to opening as possible is to keep your wait to a minimum, both when paying for your ornament and collecting it following personalization.


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Check the sections of ornaments that have already been personalized. There is a selection ready to purchase and celebrate runners’ achievements over the coming days. Mickey’s Days of Christmas also have personalized celebration buttons that can be purchased. They are available for each event that runners can participate in during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, including the Goofy Challenge and Dopey Challenge.


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Personalized Ears & Hats

Right across the way from Mickey’s Days of Christmas is where you will find Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories. This is where Guests can have ears and hats personalized with embroidery. Guests can purchase their ears or hat and then place an order to have it customized with their choice of embroidery. If this is something that you are interested in, we recommend arriving at Disney Springs close to the opening to avoid a long wait for your finished product.


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Prepare for the Races

When preparing for any running event is essential to fuel up. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from at Disney Springs that will help you to prepare for the races. Advance dining reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment.

If you need a little energy boost following the early morning, there are several locations to stop by for coffee. Joffrey’s and Starbucks are good options, although you may have to wait in line during peak times of the day.


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Emergency Running Gear

While most runners plan their outfits or costumes for the events they participate in, you never know when an emergency may occur. Disney Springs offers several stores that will make it easy to pick up emergency running apparel and shoes if needed. Stop by Fit2Run, Under Armour, or Fabletics if you need running leggings, shorts or pants, or a new pair of trainers.

Once you have completed your events, investing in a new pair of running trainers may be a good idea to help you prepare for your next event. Fit2Run is an excellent spot to find your next running shoes and get expert advice on the shoes best suited for your running gait.

Effective Recovery

Your body may thank you from a long soak in the bath following the races you participate in. Basin is the perfect location to visit. They have bath bombs and shower bombs that are muscle soothers or good for relaxation. Pick up your own to use the night before or the morning after the race to help your aching muscles.


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If your feet require a little care, then visit Sephora. They offer a range of foot masks and scrubs that will help your feet to recover from the hard work they have had to do over the last few months as you have prepared for the runDisney events you are participating in.

We hope you feel inspired to visit Disney Springs this exciting weekend. Remember to celebrate your achievements and give your body a little time to rest after hard work. Take every special moment during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend; enjoy the race atmosphere, pause when you need to, and most of all, have fun! It’s sure to be an extraordinary Disney vacation, offering a Disney experience like no other.

Disney Springs is a great place to visit for these reasons during the other runDisney events in the Walt Disney World Resort throughout the year. These include:

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