Disappointing Changes Made at Another Deluxe Disney Resort

One of the smallest magical “extras” that longtime Disney Guests have experienced on their vacations has been the shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner, along with other bath products that are in rooms at Disney Resorts.

Last year, H2O+, the company that had been making the bath products found in Disney Resorts announced its retirement by the end of 2022. Since then, the products have been disappearing from Disney Resorts, but there may be worse news coming for Guests when it comes to this hotel amenity.

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

Credit: Disney

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In recent years, even before the retirement of H2O+, Disney began swapping out individual bottles of bath products for wall-mounted, refillable soap dispensers at most of its Resorts. The change was not met with enthusiasm by fans for several reasons. Many Guests preferred individual bottles for the ability to take extras home with them, but others had pointed out that they questioned how sanitary the refillable dispensers could be; Basically, they wondered whether other Guests could get into them, even though they are technically “locked.”

While not the main benefit of staying at a Deluxe Resort, Disney Resorts at this level had been left out of the change over to refillable dispensers. As such, Guests at Deluxe Resorts have enjoyed the ability to continue to take home bottles of Disney-branded soap, shampoo, and conditioner.


Credit: Disney Tips

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Some Deluxe Resorts have begun changing to the refillable dispensers, much to the disappointment of Guests staying there. And, it looks like this trend has just hit another Disney Resort.

Twitter user @K_Manzone recently visited Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, where she noted that refillable soap dispensers had arrived:

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With the new dispensers continuing to arrive at more Deluxe Resorts, the trend will likely only continue in the future.

It is worth noting, that despite Guests’ opinions, the change is part of Disney’s sustainability initiatives as the refillable dispensers use far less plastic. (And, it is a change that is taking place across the hotel industry in general.) Still, this update to Deluxe accommodations will likely not be well received by fans, especially as other perks of staying at a Disney Resort have been cut over the years.

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