Rides You Can Skip at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Liberty Belle/Liberty Square Riverboat
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has more to do than any other theme Park in Disney World. This iconic Disney Park has many rides, shows, and attractions for Guests to enjoy. But not every attraction can be a Splash Mountain or Haunted Mansion. To help narrow down the list, here’s a suggestion of five attractions you can easily skip during your visit to the Magic Kingdom.

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Magic Carpets of Aladdin

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is a classic Disney spinner. Although there’s nothing wrong with the ride, it’s essentially a copy of Dumbo the Flying Elephant or the Astro Orbiter. If you (or your children) are inclined to ride a spinner, Dumbo is a far superior classic, and the Astro Orbiter provides an elevated experience with breathtaking views of Tomorrowland and the Park. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin have also been experiencing many technical issues lately, contributing to longer than usual wait times and excessive lines.

magic carpets of aladdin

Credit: Disney

Swiss Family Treehouse

Although technically not a ride, this walk-through attraction provides little excitement or interest. Inspired by the Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson (1960), the treehouse is six stories tall and can be a struggle for those with mobility issues and exhausting for little ones. In addition, the movie is not one of the more popular Disney films, so, likely, many Guests may not even be familiar with the story or the references in the attraction. The Swiss Family Treehouse has no audio-animatronics, vehicles, or character experiences; therefore a very easy one to skip.

swiss tree family

Credit: Disney

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Mad Tea Party

This iconic ride is one that most Guests know about before ever arriving in Magic Kingdom. It’s a classic at any Disneyland clone and is often used in marketing materials for the theme parks. However, nowadays, spinning rides such as the teacups are commonplace in almost any major theme Park and carnival. Although the experience of riding this version may seem like a must-do, there are many more unique attractions to visit that can only be found at Walt Disney World.


Credit: Disney Tips

Liberty Square Riverboat

This attraction provides a nice, pleasant ride around the Liberty Square/Frontierland section of the Park. However, that’s all it is. Although it’s not a bad attraction by any means, it does occupy a large chunk of time in line as well as a long ride time clocking in at 17 minutes. Unless you’re really into boats or riding around a small river, it’s more fun to look at and take pictures of from a distance.

Liberty Square Riverboat Twilight

Credit: Disney

Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island is one of those places that sounds great in theory: a little island to explore, complete with a cave, a fort, and a tipsy barrel bridge, just like you’d read about in a Mark Twain novel. But like Swiss Family Robinson, it’s a property and story that Disney hasn’t given much love to in the past few decades. In addition, there isn’t much to do unless you’re looking for a place for kids to run around. It’s mostly a series of small paths and a couple of iconic Tom Sawyer-inspired paraphernalia. Also, you can only get to the island by taking a raft – which can be a long wait on busy days, plus you also have the wait and ride back.

Tom Sawyer Island

Credit: D23

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Whether you visit the Walt Disney World Resort every year, every decade, or once in a lifetime, it’s always difficult to fit in everything you want to do on your trip. Hopefully, this list can help you narrow your to-do list, especially if you’re visiting during a busy time of year.

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