Skip These Snacks Next Time You Eat Around the World in EPCOT

World Showcase Snacks
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The Walt Disney World Resort is the ultimate destination for foodies, and EPCOT is arguably the best Park to spend the day snacking. Between the Park’s newest restaurants, like Connections Cafe & Eatery, and all of the incredible snacks, quick-service, and table-service dining in World Showcase, EPCOT is the place to go at Walt Disney World when hunger strikes.

With so many ways to stop for a bite around World Showcase, narrowing down which snacks to try in the neighborhood’s 11 countries is no easy task. That’s why we’re sharing our picks for the snacks that simply aren’t worth the cash or the taste that can help you decide which snacks are on your must-try list.

Spaceship Earth, EPCOT

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Bottled sodas

It is a good idea to pass on bottled sodas anywhere at Walt Disney World due to the price, but in World Showcase specifically, there are several drink options specific to each of the pavilions you’ll visit throughout the day, that we simply cannot recommend spending the extra cash on standard Coke or Sprite.

For a bottled drink, the merchandise locations in both China and Japan serve iced teas and sodas specific to these countries, so while they are still slightly expensive for bottled beverages, they are not something you are likely to drink on a regular basis at home.

Outside of these bottled beverages, it is no secret that many Guests (who are 21 or older) visiting EPCOT are planning to drink around the world. If you are looking for an alternative to bottled sodas though, nearly every country serves up a mocktail, or specialty tea or coffee of some kind.

Epcot Germany Pavilion

Credit: Disney Tips

Our favorites include Conga at Choza de Margarita in Mexico. This drink is essentially a Mexican fruit punch, made with orange, pineapple, and lemon juice; As such, it’s very refreshing on a hot day in the Park! Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway serves the Kristoff Kaffe, frozen coffee with coffee-chocolate sauce and chocolate crunch. It’s delicious!

If you are still craving soda, we recommend heading over to Club Cool. This staple of EPCOT offers free samples of sodas from around the world, so you can still enjoy a refreshing carbonated drink without paying premium prices for a standard soda.

World Showcase prepackaged snacks

Credit: Anna’s Almond Thins (left), Twinings (right)

Select packaged candies and cookies

For many Guests, a lot of the prepackaged goods found in the shops of World Showcase can actually be found in your local grocery store. (You may need to check the international item, or visit a specialty store, but a lot of it can be found at much lower prices outside the Park.)

Some of the pre-packaged foods that are prevalent in regular grocery stores include Anna’s Almond Thins in Norway,  cookies that are albeit very tasty, are much less expensive outside of the Park, Twinings tea in the UK, and many of the products in Germany including sauerkraut and Haribo gummy bears. If you have an Asian grocery store near home, you can likely find many of the snacks and teas featured in China and Japan, as well.


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Standard Disney snacks

We love classic Disney snacks as much as the next person, but with so many amazing options around World Showcase, we just can’t recommend going to your old standbys while snacking around the world.

Turkey legs (in the American Adventure pavilion), chicken nuggets (at Refreshment Port), popcorn (from Canada, note: we mean regular popcorn here, not the Maple Popcorn!), and Joffrey’s coffee around World Showcase are just some of the snacks you can easily find all around Walt Disney World.

World Showcase Beer

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Select beer & wine

It is not technically a snack, but if you are snacking around the world there is a decent chance you are drinking around the world, too. With inflated price points for alcoholic beverages at Walt Disney World, we want to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck, and as such, we can’t recommend the beers and wines that you can probably find at your local liquor store.

Carlsberg beer in Norway, Dr. Loosen Riesling wine in Germany, and all of the beers in the American Adventure pavilion are probably all available at your local liquor store. Some stores even stock Germany’s incredibly popular Schofferhofer Hefeweizen grapefruit beer. And if you are able to find it, you can typically purchase a four-pack for less than a single beer would cost at EPCOT!

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