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Popcorn Snacks You Have to Try at Walt Disney World

Who doesn’t just love popcorn? It has, after all, succeeded in being one of the most “popular” snack-time pickings of all time, historically speaking. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that popcorn offerings are a big deal among Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort. In fact, you will find several different popcorn carts and kiosks throughout Disney theme park locations for any time you need to satisfy those corny cravings. Most, admittedly, are offered up via their more conventional presentations with light salt and butter flavoring (note: Disney’s butter flavor is plant-based). But there are a couple of other corn-laden compilations that do indeed go above and beyond. From novelty flavors to dressed-up presentations popped with all the works, here are seven popcorn snacks you simply must try at Walt Disney World.

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7. Main Street Popcorn Company

Before heading off to all those fun and flavorful kiosk locations scattered all throughout Disney Parks, take a good look at all those prepackaged popcorn varieties in-house at several stores and Disney Resort venues. Branded under Disney’s own Main Street Popcorn Company, their profuse popcorn variations appear to provide a boundless array of options. Even better, new flavor compilations are forever emerging—a definite win for those who are especially pumped about trying out novelty popcorn hits. The elaborate stash available from Main Street Popcorn Company ranges from limited edition seasonal specials to those you can get at any time. Some of their top-rated favorites include Caramel Apple, Parmesan Garlic, Confetti, Maple Bacon, Birthday Cake, Butter Toffee Almond, Cookies and Cream, Caramel with Cashews and Almonds, Churro, and numerous others.

Main Street Popcorn Company Montage

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6. Blueberry Almond Popcorn of Pandora

Here is another prepackaged popcorn pleasantry worthy of a shoutout. A unique flavor combination you wouldn’t necessarily believe would blend together so well, it exceeds all expectations while rightfully joining the ranks of all those other Na’vi-based novelty concoctions created exclusively for Pandora—The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. It used to be that you could only purchase this flavorful feature of blueberries mixed with almonds on location at Windtraders, but that is no longer the case. As is true with many big hits, the popularity of this popcorn success hasn’t gone unnoticed by the aforementioned Main Street Popcorn Company, which has since adopted the flavor compilation into its limitless lineup.

Popcorn Available at Pandora and Main Street

5. Figment Rainbow Popcorn

It’s no figment of your imagination that everyone’s favorite little purple dragon, Figment—star of EPCOT’s own Journey into Imagination with Figment attraction is a pretty popular fellow. And so are those highly coveted Figment-themed refillable popcorn buckets that are all the rage these days. Furthermore, Disney has even developed an exclusive popcorn flavor inspired by the lovable dragon. It comes as a candy-coated rainbow compilation in assorted fruit flavors. The first Figment popcorn incarnation came on the scene a few years back, but it’s still a hot-ticket item. However, it’s debatable whether or not it’s actually the bucket the corny contents come in that folks are most enthused about. You decide when you try Figment Rainbow Popcorn for yourself.

You can currently find the Figment Premium Popcorn Bucket packed with Rainbow Popcorn over at Figment’s Inspiration Station, on location at the Odyssey in EPCOT. Do note that it is only available through mobile ordering as part of the EPCOT Souvenir Release for the EPCOT International Arts Festival. There is a two-per-person limit on all such purchases.

Figment Popcorn Bucket and Popcorn

Credit: Disney

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4. Werther’s Caramel Corn

Caramel popcorn has always been a favorite where specialty popcorn flavors are concerned. Second only to the traditional butter topping, caramel ties with cheese as the next most-popular flavor pick. Even so, not all caramel corn offerings are created equal, as you will come to find out firsthand when you try what’s popping up over at Karamell-Küche, on location at the Germany Pavilion within EPCOT’s World Showcase. Karamell-Küche has a reputation for specializing in creating sweet treat concoctions featuring that famously decadent Werther’s Original Caramel of great acclaim. And considering this is the very same caramel compound that goes into their house specialty caramel corn, what more would you ever expect other than rich, creamy, decadent deliciousness?

Werther's Caramel Popcorn

Credit: Disney

3. Mouthwatering Maple

The Germany Pavilion’s Karamell-Küche isn’t the only location within EPCOT’s World Showcase dishing out delectable popcorn specialties. Just head over to the Canada Pavilion and its namesake Canada Popcorn Cart, and you’ll be in for a savory sweet alternative that may even give conventional caramel some viable competition. The moment you try out a couple of those mouthwatering maple-drenched kernels for yourself, you too will be hooked, especially if you’re already mad about maple syrup. In short, the sensation is nothing short of amazing!

Maple Popcorn at Canada Pavilion

2. Kat Saka’s Kettle Concoctions

There are some pretty out-of-this-world popcorn possibilities awaiting you at Kat Saka’s Kettle onsite at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Two originals that popcorn fans will always find featured on the menu here are Buttered Blue Grains and their novelty Outpost Popcorn Mix. The first option is more traditional because it is more or less conventional buttered popcorn given a bluish coloring (many agree that it looks more green than blue). The latter, however, truly is a unique concoction that even comes with a backstory to explain its original flavor. As it goes, Kat Saka created this one-of-a-kind blend by fusing heirloom seeds taken from her family farm, heating them up in an antique popping kettle, and then mixing them together with imported spices from various different planets. So, what does it taste like exactly? It’s somewhat challenging to describe but falls somewhere within the range of chili-like and fruity—a combination of sweet, salty, and spicy.

Available for a limited time only, Kat Saka’s is offering a mixed combo special of the two aforementioned popcorn flavors. It comes as their “Mouse Droid” bucket—a secret menu request. To try it for yourself, visit Kat Saka’s Kettle before the end of February and ask the question, “Have you seen a Mouse?”

Kat Saka Popcorn Variations

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1. Custom Candy Popcorn at Main Street Confectionery

So far, we’ve covered some pretty impressive popcorn novelty selections. Still, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve experienced the enticing offerings awaiting you over at Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom Park. Onsite they boast the very impressive Kernel Kitchen Counter. Nothing short of the ultimate dream come true for any popcorn-candy combination fan; this is the place to head to for customizing your very own corny confectionary masterpieces. First, you choose your corn component from a profusion of different popcorn flavors. Then, you get to select a flavored syrup or topping of your own choosing. Next comes the fun part—adding in your own requested candy and snack bits, with options that include Skittles, nuts, pretzels, marshmallows, cookie pieces, M&M’s, and more.

Main Street Confectionery Montage of Popcorn Options

New popcorn possibilities continue popping up throughout many different Disney Park and Resort locations. Therefore, the vast and versatile range of flavor combinations is guaranteed to keep growing, giving way to even more opportunities to satisfy our corniest cravings.

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