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Guests Can Now Purchase Snacks Inside This Iconic Disney Attraction

Snacks are a major part of any Disney vacation, especially when it comes down to the classics found all around Disney Parks and Resorts like churros, popcorn, and Mickey Premium Bars, just to name a few.

Thankfully there is no shortage of snack kiosks around Disney theme parks, so Guests can almost always find something delicious to snack on within their line of vision.

But what if snacks started to become available inside Disney attractions? Well, it seems like that has already started to happen, and we have some thoughts…


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If you have ever felt like you could go for a snack midway through your time waiting in line for a Disney Park attraction, you are not alone. In fact, this is why so many Guests recommend packing some snacks in your bag, especially for young children, as it can be helpful to have something on hand for them to eat when hunger strikes.

Recently at Disneyland, however, a Guest spotted a full snack kiosk right inside the queue for Space Mountain! The kiosk gave Guests waiting in line for this popular Tomorrowland attraction the chance to purchase popcorn, beverages, candy, and Disney’s fan spray bottles.

@Sammyland6 shared a photo of the new kiosk to Twitter:

While Disneyland certainly has good intentions with adding a place to purchase snacks to an attraction that often has long wait times, we do have one concern (or a couple), that is echoed by the replies to this tweet.

Especially while Disney Parks are still managing a staffing shortage…is it a wise decision to offer Guests items in line? The team of custodial Cast Members at both Disneyland and the Walt Disney World Resort is not yet fully staffed from the pandemic, and trash cans located in queues are notoriously among the most often to overflow as they can be difficult to reach when the line is crowded. Throwing the staffing shortage and the extra chance to buy snacks in line into the mix and this seems like a recipe for disaster.

Space Mountain Disneyland

Credit: Disney

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Moreover, offering snacks in some queues while asking Guests to finish them before entering others is an inconsistent practice that could cause issues for Cast Members working the entrances of attractions. As we have seen time and time again since the Parks reopened, Guest behavior often leaves something to be desired and consistency can be key for Guests keeping their cool and Cast Members avoiding challenging conversations.

We have seen Disney add small kiosks like this to attractions in the past, usually in some temporary setting when lines are especially long so it is likely not a major change that will continue elsewhere, but it is a curious development nonetheless.

Here on DisneyTips, we will continue to monitor updates to Disney attractions (and Disney snacks!) and will be back with additional details as we have them.

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