Influencers Beware, Photo & Video Are Now Banned on This Disney World Attraction

Capturing your own photos and video from your Walt Disney World Resort vacation is the best way to remember your trip when you return home. Disney World is fairly lenient compared to other major theme parks in terms of its policies on photography and recording, with most rules only applying to the use of flash and external video lighting rather than recording itself.

Despite this flexibility, one favorite Disney World attraction has updated its policy to ban the use of phones and cameras while Guests are onboard the ride.

Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney

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Space Mountain, located in Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom Park, has been blasting Guests off into outer space since 1975. Photography and video recording on the classic thrill ride, however, is a much more recent phenomenon.

In a recent update, signage has been added to the queue for Space Mountain, alerting Guests that phones and cameras are no longer allowed. Twitter user @littlesophiebug snapped a photo of the new sign, which notes: “Phones and cameras are not permitted while riding. Items must be secured on the person, in vehicle storage, or left with a non-rider.”

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Disney’s policy (at least at Space Mountain) is still more flexible than several other theme parks which often require Guests to store all of their belongings in lockers before boarding the attraction altogether. Still, Space Mountain had not spelled this policy out until recently, and in the past the ride operated under the basic instruction of storing all items in the vehicles.

Of course, if the policy was changed recently, the attraction has likely experienced an increase in incidents of Guests losing items while riding. (At Space Mountain specifically, where the ride takes place in the dark, there are several points where Guests experience an unexpected bump or turn and could easily drop their phones.)


Credit: Disney

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If you do drop your phone (or anything else) off a ride at Walt Disney World, it is very possible that you will not be able to retrieve it until the end of the day as Cast Members can only cease ride operations for very specific circumstances. Moreover, if you do get your item back at the end of the day, it may not be in one piece. Dropping something like a phone on a roller coaster could also be a safety hazard to Guests seated behind you, depending on where the item goes when it’s dropped.

As such, we recommend following all signage and Cast Member instructions and storing your phones and cameras properly before riding Space Mountain. Just remember to collect all your belongings from your rocket ship when the ride is over!

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