Sorry Influencers, This Disney Park Just Banned Vlogging & Streaming

Influencers, vloggers, TikTokers, and live streamers are often a subject of debate among Guests at Disney Parks. On the one hand, many fans enjoy seeing their content, especially if they do not live near any of the theme parks, but some fans still find several downsides in the rise of vlogging at Disney Parks.

In addition to unsettling situations where Guests and Cast Members are forced to deal with social media trends and unruly behavior that is recorded for the clicks, vlogging in the theme parks can lead to greater issues. Recording video footage can be distracting to other Guests who are also trying to experience the Parks, and some situations (particularly TikTok trends) have proven to be dangerous or uncomfortable for Cast Members who are unwillingly involved.


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In an effort to curb negative filming practices, and to create a safe and comfortable experience at the theme parks for all Guests, one Disney Resort has updated its official Park rules effectively banning some types of vlogging and streaming.

Tokyo Disney Resort has been known to have stricter property rules than other Disney Parks, with one example of this being the Park’s decision to not allow filming of any kind on attractions at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

In the latest update to the Park rules, Tokyo Disney Resort has taken its filming policies a step further. The new rules could serve as a warning to aspiring vloggers and influencers as they limit the types of filming that can be done while exploring the Parks.


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The Resort’s list of prohibited activities in the theme parks now specifically notes the following:

  • Public transmission or recording of any kind that may inconvenience other Guests
  • The use of unipods, tripods, selfie sticks or other such equipment (hand-size grip attachments excluded) when taking photos or videos

Of course, this wording is vague but likely intentionally so to keep control over difficult situations available to Cast Members and Parks officials without the Guest in question having the ability to claim that they did not break the rules.

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In terms of recording in a way that could inconvenience other Guests, we can point to multiple instances in the domestic Disney Parks where under Tokyo’s rules such behavior would be prohibited. Recording with flash or lighting on attractions would certainly be one example, along with vlogging and speaking to a camera in a way that is distracting to other Guests.

Moreover, prohibiting hand-size grip attachments (in addition to selfie sticks which have been banned at all Disney Parks for years) serves as another barrier to vlogging at Tokyo’s theme parks.


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Disney Parks around the world have had a challenging time as of late managing unruly Guest behavior when it comes to select influencers expressing a sense of entitlement due to their platforms, and vloggers showcasing actions that are simply put, unsafe or distracting to other Guests.

The update to the official policy is still new at Tokyo Disney Resort, but we will continue to monitor any changes to the Park rules both overseas and at Disneyland and Walt Disney World here on DisneyTips.

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