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VIDEO: Guest Dips Foot in the Water at Splash Mountain

It is not a common sight, but during a recent ride aboard Splash Mountain, a Guest took a video of themselves dipping a foot into the water on the attraction.

The video posted to TikTok does have a note from the platform that it shows an activity that “could result in you or others getting hurt,” and hopefully it isn’t giving you any ideas, but doing something like this on a moving theme park attraction certainly does have the potential to get very dangerous. Take a look at the video below, and keep reading to learn more about why this is not something you should do during your next trip to a Disney Park:


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Thankfully the Guest in the video appears to be okay, but while they did not get hurt during this stunt we cannot be sure that they were not removed from the park. Disney does reserve the right to remove Guests from the park who are not following rules, and one of which is to “keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs” inside all attractions.

Even if this Guest was not reprimanded during their visit to Disneyland, posting such an act on social media does come with a number of risks. Last year, viral videos went around of a Guest who had been drinking water from non-drinking fountains around Walt Disney World, and this Guest later posted a video sharing that they had been trespassed by the company.


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As for the physical dangers of the video above? You never know what is under the water on an attraction like this one to make it operate smoothly, and ideally, you should never find out, especially with one of your own appendages. Water may seem harmless, but there are gears and tracks that are used to move the ride vehicle along, and if any part of your body were to get caught in these areas it could become quite dangerous.

Splash Mountain

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Next time you are on Splash Mountain, or any theme park attraction, be sure to “keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride, and be sure to watch your children,” we certainly do not want to see anyone getting hurt during their Disney vacation!

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