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Disney Theme Park to be Consumed by Flames, Recent Reports Send Warning

Disneyland Paris Disney Dreams! fire on Sleeping Beauty Castle

Hopefully, Disney will not damage their Paris theme parks further with their new plan for fire. Disney theme parks are synonymous with iconic castles. These majestic structures serve as central hubs, captivating landmarks, and backdrops for magical memories. In the United States alone, Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom consistently ranks among the top 10 most photographed landmarks, ...

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Disney Seemingly Getting Rid of Unpopular Star Wars Attraction After Nearly a Decade

star wars hyperspace mountain disneyland paris

Disney is reportedly done with its controversial Star Wars ride. Related: ‘Inside Out 2’ Gets Official Rating After Disney Confirms Major Adolescence Storyline New developments indicate Disney may finally be done with Star Wars at Disneyland Paris, with several elements removed from Hyperspace Mountain. This ride is Paris’ version of Space Mountain, an iconic coaster that can be found worldwide ...

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Changes to Disney Arrival Procedures Announced, All Guests Impacted

A crowd of people waits in line to enter Disneyland Paris. The main entrance features a large sign with "Disneyland Paris" in colorful letters, and a smaller "Welcome" sign underneath. Many visitors carry backpacks and wear winter clothing.

Disney has just altered their entry policy for European hotels and theme park guests. When guests visit Walt Disney World, the majority of their trip can be controlled via the My Disney Experience app. Walt Disney World Resort vacations are legendary for their immersive experiences and meticulous planning. To ensure a seamless and magical visit, Disney offers the My Disney ...

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Disney Parks Slapped With $1.4 Million Fine by Government Over “Seriously Damaging” Move

A guest waves at Mickey Mouse on a parade float at Disneyland Paris

Two Disney theme parks were slapped with a massive $1.4 million fine this week. Since opening Disneyland Park in 1955, Disney’s theme parks have remained a reliable source of income for The Walt Disney Company. Currently, it operates five resorts worldwide (its sixth, Tokyo Disney Resort, is technically operated by The Oriental Land Company), with its cumulative parks revenue totaling ...

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NEW: Cautionary Notices Issued at Popular Disney Rides

A bustling scene of visitors at Disneyland Paris in front of the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, with its pink and blue spires under a cloudy sky.

Disneyland Paris has issued an all-new warning in front of a lot of their attractions, so that families suffer less disappointment when going on rides. At Disney, and many other theme parks, there are different ways that guests can “skip the lines”. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort offer Disney Genie+, which is a paid system that allows you ...

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Disney Sets Deadline for Concerning Main Street, U.S.A. Closure

A lively scene at what appears to be a Disney theme park features a variety of costumed characters, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck, performing in front of colorful, ornate buildings and a gazebo on Main Street.

Disney has fixed the closure date for a Main Street staple as it preps to give it a “substantial makeover.” All of Disney’s theme parks across the globe undergo regular renovations and makeovers to keep the magic as fresh as possible. While some of these are relatively minor and take a matter of days, sometimes it shutters rides, restaurants, stores, ...

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Update: Fireballs Reported at Disney Park

Disneyland Paris

If you are planning on visiting Disneyland Paris in the near future, be aware that fireball bombs may be shooting into the sky. While the ensuing fire may be intrusive, it is 100% safe. Many changes are currently underway at Walt Disney Studios Park (soon to be Disney Adventure World). Walt Disney Studios Park is currently undergoing significant changes that ...

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New Disney Parks Signage Restricts Guest Access: No Admission

Disneyland Signage

If you are planning on visiting Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, be sure to have a reservation to enter, or you may be turned away at the gates.  After the pandemic, all Disney theme parks implemented capacity limits to ensure proper social distancing. Now, years after the initial surge of COVID-19 has subsided, none of the parks have ...

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