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Disney Guest Struck by Firework While Riding Attraction

Disney park with fireworks display

Walt Disney World’s fireworks displays are nothing short of spectacular, enchanting guests with nightly pyrotechnic extravaganzas that illuminate the night sky and create a magical atmosphere. These breathtaking shows are an integral part of the Disney World experience, captivating audiences of all ages and adding a touch of enchantment to the already magical theme park. One of the most iconic ...

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Multiple Disney Guests Groped on Attractions

Tower of Terror at Night

Earlier this week, on a Reddit thread, user u/JBAnswers26 recently asked what was the scariest thing Guests have ever encountered in Disney Parks. The question was likely intended to stir up conversations about horrific ride malfunctions, fights with other Guests, or perhaps even a ghost story. However, many Guests started to tell stories about sexual assaults that happened to them ...

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VIDEO: Guest Jumps Out of Pirates of the Caribbean

Shots of Guest jumping off of Pirates of the Caribbean

In a viral video, a man is seen hopping out of his boat on Pirates of the Caribbean with a child in his arms. RELATED: Guest Sues Disney After Monorail Accident In modern times it seems there are many social media posts showing people misbehaving at Disney theme parks. Perhaps the number of people acting out, getting into fights, or breaking ...

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Another Fight Breaks Out a Disney World

Exterior Shot of Cinderella Castle

The most magical place on earth endures another issue. Disney World is known for its reputation as a family-friendly theme Park with one-of-a-kind attractions, dining, and merchandise. Since the covid-19 pandemic, though, the Parks have been ringing a different tune with Guest issues. Previously reported in Disneyland Paris, Guests brought a cake knife into the Park, not realizing (or caring) ...

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Update on Viral Fight at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Fight Update

A disturbing video surfaced on social media on May 16, depicting an altercation that unfolded in front of the train station at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park. The video captured a sizable group of individuals, all donning matching t-shirts, engaging in an attack against a smaller group of Guests. Amidst the chaos, a man bore the brunt of ...

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Another Brutal Fight at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Guest Fight

Recently, a violent and bloody brawl erupted among several Guests at the Walt Disney World Resort. As “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” Disney World strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for all Guests. However, not every Guest adheres to this spirit. RELATED:¬†Line-Cutting Turns Bloody at Disney’s Magic Kingdom A Bloody Brawl This recent fight unfolded at the ...

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