Talk With Your Children Before Going to Disney About the New Rules of the Park So This Doesn’t Happen to You

When you visit any Disney Park, one of the things that those of all ages look forward to seeing is characters. Before COVID-19, you were able to be up close with characters and hug them. Since the Theme Park’s reopened things look quite a bit different.

Disneyland with Mickey

Credit: Disney

We can now take photos with characters, but we have to be socially distant from them. We can take selfies with them in the background, but we can still interact with them. They can see us, and they do their best to give Guests a great experience.

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Recently there was a video going around social media of a child seeing Winnie the Pooh and running up and trying to hug him. The Cast Member immediately jumps in and says, “No, you can’t hug.”


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Although some are making her look like the villain, this Cast Member is just doing her job, and Guests need to follow the rules. Disney has been trying its best to bring back as many elements as possible to the parks, and this is just how we have to see characters for now.

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If everyone does their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19, then we can have a more sense of normal in the future. We all look forward to the day that normal character interactions will return, and we can hug these lovable characters once again.


credit: Disneytips

Until then, if you are going with little ones, have a talk with them before you go to any of the theme parks. Let them know that they are not allowed to storm the characters and they can wave from a distance. Although it may be confusing for them, they need to understand that rules are there for a reason and need to follow them.


Credit: Disney

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