The Skyliner Dessert Crawl at Walt Disney World

Now that the Skyliner is up and running, it’s high time we start using it to have a bit of out-of-park Disney fun. For many years now, people have been using the monorail loop by Magic Kingdom as an excuse to eat. Why not do the same on the Skyliner route? After all, there are plenty of stops along the way, and each one has at least one eatery. Of course, there’s no way anyone could eat an entire meal at each of the Skyliner route restaurants—at least, not all at once. Therefore, it’s best to stick to snacks. Heck, why not go all out and do a dessert crawl? Below are the top desserts found on this route. Use this article to guide your Skyliner dessert crawl and you can be sure you won’t go wrong.


1. Pop Century Resort

Because Pop Century is a Value Resort, there is only one eatery there. Still, this one quick-service spot does have some pretty delicious dessert options, making this resort a worthwhile stop on your crawl.

  • Everything Pop Shopping and Dining: The one restaurant in Pop Century Resort is Everything Pop Shopping and Dining. As mentioned before, there are always several awesome desserts to choose from here. The seasonal cupcakes featured here are always fun, and the tie-dye cheesecake is a colorful addition to any meal. That said, the dessert we most recommend purchasing while at the Pop Century Resort is the oatmeal cream pie. This little cookie sandwich is a seriously awesome creation that uses two perfect cookies, a wonderful gooey cream filling, and chocolate drizzle to bring it all together.

2. Art of Animation Resort

The next resort on our list is Art of Animation. This too is a Value Resort, meaning there is only one dining location to choose from. However, just like Everything Pop, the eatery at Art of Animation has some great dessert choices, so you definitely won’t want to miss out.

  • Landscape of Flavors: Landscape of Flavors is the name of that one counter-service eatery in Art of Animation, and boy, is it true to its name. The menu here is surprisingly varied, and everything on it is quite delicious. Of course, for this article we’re going to focus on the desserts, and of the yummy desserts served here, we have to recommend the s’mores cookie. The s’mores cookie is thick and cakelike, with a graham cracker flavor. It’s filled with chocolate and marshmallow, and the end result is absolutely amazing. Don’t miss this superb cookie!

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3. Riviera Resort

The newest resort on property and a part of the Skyliner router, Riviera Resort boasts a number of lovely dining locations. That said, for the sake of our dessert crawl, we are going to focus on the two places you can experience without a reservation.

  • Le Petit Cafe: First, there is Le Petit Cafe. Coffee shop by day and wine bar by night, this classy little joint is a wonderful place to go for a sweet treat. We highly recommend visiting in the morning for their chocolate chunk banana bread and a latte with housemade almond whipped cream. Prefer a visit later in the day? The tiny madeleine cookies and bouchon brownies found in their display case in the afternoon are also wonderful choices.
  • Primo Piatto: The second option in the Riviera Resort is the counter-service restaurant, Primo Piatto. Here you’ll find one of the best quick-service menus on property. All entrees are made to order, meaning your food will always be fresh. This is our recommendation for where to dine if you feel the need to grab something more substantial during your dessert crawl. As far as desserts go, we think the tiramisu is the best option at Primo Piatto. However, the chocolate lava cake isn’t far behind, especially if you’re a chocolate lover.

4. Caribbean Beach Resort

Like Riviera Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort has a few different dining locations. However, there is only one that is useful during a dessert crawl. Therefore, we will only be focusing on Centertown Market, the resort’s quick-service eatery.

  • Centertown Market: Honestly, Centertown Market doesn’t tend to be a favorite. This is probably because the restaurant focuses quite a lot on island-inspired cuisine, something that is likely too adventurous for the average vacationer. That said, no matter what you think about the food at Centertown Market, the desserts at this restaurant are something you must try. Of the choices here, we feel that the Tropical Tart is the top choice for anyone who enjoys fruity desserts. This dessert is creamy with a slight tart punch to offset the sweet. Another great option is the chocolate créme tart, which is incredibly rich and creamy. It includes a bit of coffee flavor and caramel candy topping, both of which work perfectly to cut the chocolate and give the dessert some depth.
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Lobby

Who’s ready to take to the Skyliner for some delicious treats?!

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