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Tips From Walt Disney World Veterans

We love going to Walt Disney World and we go each year. As veteran visitors, we have also learned some key tips that we wanted to share.

We have learned these tips over the years and tips that we think will help your Walt Disney World vacation be even more magical and successful.

Do Some Research

Our first tip focuses on learning about Walt Disney World. We highly recommend the Guests start by learning as much as possible about the Theme Parks and Resorts they will be visiting. Look at maps on My Disney Experience to see how you might navigate the area.

Knowing the general layout of the Parks can help you eliminate a few steps due to backtracking or getting turned around.

In Magic Kingdom, navigating between the different lands can be a huge help.

When making your Walt Disney World vacation planning, think about if you prefer to drive your vehicle or enjoy Disney’s complimentary transportation.

If you choose to drive yourself, taking time to plan your routes around the Walt Disney World Property and familiarize yourself with the roads before being there can help lessen stress.

We have seen that those that have a general understanding of where things are in Walt Disney World have a much better experience while on vacation. There is less frustration and less time wasted because they know where to go.

Make a Plan

The next tip is to have a plan when heading to Walt Disney World. There is so much to see and do; you will want to have an overall plan for navigating Disney Parks.

Families that show up and don’t know which rides they want to see or when the fireworks are each night end up missing out on a lot during their Walt Disney World vacation.

Before heading into the Parks, have a good idea of the must-do rides and attractions for everyone. By knowing this information, you can have an overall plan of attack when you arrive at the Park that day.

Veterans, even those that visit weekly, head into the Park with a plan for what they want to do. It might just be sitting and people watching; however, a plan is important for getting the most out of your day in a Walt Disney World Theme Park.

My Disney Experience is Key

We know that disconnecting from our phones is important, but it has become even more evidence that Disney’s App, My Disney Experience is essential to a Walt Disney World vacation.

Veterans have this app downloaded before arriving, have taken time to practice navigating through the different features, and know how to use it to help enhance their vacation.

As we mentioned before, MDE has maps of all the Disney Parks making it an excellent resource for seeing where you are in the Park and helping you navigate to where you want to go.

This tool will be key to your experience in the Park as you Mobile Order, Mobile Shop, use Genie+, and so much more.

We know that the app has so many features to help navigate Walt Disney World, so we highly recommend taking time before heading down to learn some of those ahead of time.

Credit: Disney

Plan for Travel Time

Because Walt Disney World is so big, we know that it will take some time to travel from place to place even within the Walt Disney World bubble.

If you plan on dining reservations or have an experience planned, you will want to make sure that you plan in travel time. Disney recommends up to 90 minutes between Walt Disney World Resort hotels when using Disney transportation.

By understanding how big Walt Disney World is, you will know how to plan travel time as you navigate getting around.

You Will Walk- Lots

Any Disney veteran will tell you that you will walk a lot during a Walt Disney World vacation and to skip the fashion for comfort. Make sure you wear shoes that allow you to walk up to 10 to 15 miles per day.

Don’t bring brand new shoes, and expect to be able to wear them comfortably throughout your whole vacation. Try shoes out at home to make sure they are broken in and won’t cause problems for your feet.

Blisters and Disney are not fun, but they happen all the time. Come prepared with moleskin, bandaids, and other first aid items to help if blisters impact your vacation.

Get your feet and shoes ready for Walt Disney World ahead of time, and you will be glad you did.

It Will Be Busy

We have seen the crowds return to the Parks, so veterans know that they need to pack their patience and be ready for waiting.

Don’t go into your vacation thinking you will be able to walk on every ride because it shows a low crowd level on all the calendars you checked.

Have a plan to navigate crowds such as using Genie+, arriving early or staying late, taking afternoon breaks, etc.

These are great ways to skip out on large crowds while still experiencing the magic.

We hope that these tips from veterans will help you have an amazing Walt Disney World trip. By visiting the Parks often, we have learned a few tips on what we can do to have a wonderful vacation, and we wanted to share them with you so you too could have a great vacation.

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