Top 7 Most Exciting Jobs At Walt Disney World

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Part of what makes any Walt Disney World vacation so special for guests is the amazing work and dedication of Cast Members. Cast Members occupy jobs ranging from ride operators and maintenance to custodians and concierges. With so many amazing jobs available, Cast Members are a huge presence in Walt Disney World and guests frequently interact with them while enjoying the parks, Disney Resorts, and Disney Springs. While Cast Members always seem happy and to be enjoying their job, there are several jobs at Walt Disney World which are way more exciting than others. Whether they involve thrilling attractions, live performances, or special operations, some Cast Member positions are really exciting and make going to work each day a lot of fun. Here are the top eight most exciting jobs that Cast Members have in Walt Disney World.


7. Jungle Cruise Skipper

One of the most beloved attractions in all of Walt Disney World is the world famous Jungle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland. Guests who board the attraction take to the exotic rivers of the world for a cruise that is daring, corny, and full of beautiful scenes. Each boat on the attraction is manned by a skipper who continuously tells corny and sarcastic jokes throughout the journey. Jungle Cruise skippers get to test out their humor, explore exotic locations, and come face to face with the perils of the jungle each day at work making it a pretty exciting job.

6. Parade Performer

An exciting job that many Cast Members get to enjoy is working as a performer in the daily parades. Each parade features massive floats depicting classic places and characters from Disney films, but there are plenty of performers in between the floats keeping guests entertained. From dancers to acrobats, the performers in parades have a pretty exciting job at Disney.

5. Face Character

Like the performers in the parades at Walt Disney World, another exciting job which Cast Members must greatly enjoy is portraying face characters. Face characters are those who are not wearing masks and have their faces exposed. For example, face characters include the Disney Princesses, Aladdin, and Tinkerbell. Cast Members who portray face characters have to have an amazing time at work each day directly interacting with guests and helping to bring the magic to life.

4. Haunted Mansion Butler Or Maid

One of the most popular attractions in Walt Disney World can be found in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. The Haunted Mansion invites guests into Gracey Manor where nine hundred and ninety nine happy haunts socialize and cause some eerie special effects. The Cast Members who are lucky enough to work at the attraction are decked out in elaborate butler and maid costumes which are formal but have an aura of creepy to them. The Cast Members who work at the Haunted Mansion have exciting jobs as they truly enjoy creeping out guests and working in a classic attraction.


3. The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror Bellhop

Like the butlers and maids at the Haunted Mansion, the bellhops at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror have very exciting jobs. The attraction can be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Sunset Boulevard and invites guests into the Hollywood Tower Hotel where five guests disappeared into The Twilight Zone years ago. Guests soon find themselves heading towards a similar fate after being led by creepy bellhops through the lobby, library, and boiler room into rickety old service elevators. The bellhops at the attraction love spooking guests and they get really into their rolls!

2. Kilimanjaro Safaris Driver

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to an attraction which brings guests into the Harambe Reserve for a two week safari through the jungles and savannahs of Africa. Kilimanjaro Safaris brings guests on an amazing journey full of interactions with live animals like lions, cheetahs, hippos, and giraffes. Cast Members who drive the safari vehicles on Kilimanjaro Safaris have one of the most exciting jobs in Walt Disney World as they get to enjoy the beautiful Harambe Reserve all day and spot exotic and beautiful animals.

1. Monorail Driver

No trip to Walt Disney World is complete without a ride on the monorail and many guests don’t think about how exciting it must be to drive one of the monorail trains. The Cast Members who get to drive the monorails have beautiful and unobstructed views of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Seven Seas Lagoon, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa!

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