VIDEO: Check Out a Close Encounter With This Fan-Favorite Flightless Bird at Animal Kingdom

Out of all the theme parks that make up Walt Disney World Resort, it comes as no surprise that Animal Kingdom is the wildest!

Pandora - The World of Avatar

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From close encounters with dinosaurs to yetis, to the inhabitants of Pandora, to larger-than-life insects, to real-life wild animals, the thrills Guests can find at Animal Kingdom are unrivaled at Walt Disney World. But it isn’t all thrilling; much of Animal Kingdom’s attractions are just as traditionally enthralling as other Disney Parks. Guests can find live performances, educational entertainment, and even interactions with face characters.

minnie and mickey animal kingdom

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Although face characters are indeed rarer at Animal Kingdom since the Park’s reopening, they’re not extinct. Mickey and Minnie can be met on Discovery Island in a classic meet-and-greet experience. In Africa, the Tusker House Restaurant hosts character dining, where Guests can meet characters such as Donald, Goofy, and occasionally Daisy.

However, one character encounter is a little wilder than the rest: Kevin from the beloved Disney film Up (2009).


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Kevin is a giant, colorful, flightless bird from the hit film Up. Her name is Kevin because Russel incorrectly assumes she’s a male bird and names her upon meeting her. However, at the end of the film, it’s revealed that Kevin is actually a female and a mother too!

This colorful bird has a bold personality that matches her size, and fans can witness that in person as she screeches, chirps, and clucks in Animal Kingdom.


Credit: Disney Tips

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Kevin has quickly become a fan-favorite due to how downright whimsical and silly she is, and the character encounters at Animal Kingdom definitely do her justice.

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