VIDEO: This ‘Toy Story’ Fan Meticulously Crafted a ‘Movie-Accurate’ Woody Doll

It’s no secret that the toys kids play with nowadays are nothing like the ones any of us had growing up. Technological advances haven’t just made our appliances and cell phones more futuristic, they’ve also made toys more advanced.

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Credit: Disney

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Although the Woody and Buzz Lightyear action figures we had growing up could talk, they couldn’t talk to each other, unlike the Toy Story toys being made and sold at the Disney store nowadays.

Despite these advancements, one Toy Story fan was displeased with the quality of the standard Woody doll being sold in stores, so he took matters into his own hands.


Credit: Disney

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One of the biggest fans of the Disney Pixar Toy Story franchise (and arguably the “#1 Toy Story Youtuber”) recently shared a video describing the differences between a store-bought Woody doll and one he made himself.


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The video shows the careful attention to detail that TikTok user @TodayIGrewUp has put into his “movie-accurate Woodydoll.

The Toy Story fan even put “real pearlized buttons” onto the action figure’s shirt, gave him a “tailored” cowhide vest, and created a “texturized” sheriff badge.


Credit: disneytips

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The dedication and care that @TodayIGrewUp put into this custom-made action figure is incredibly admirable. He truly brings Woody to life by considering all of the intricate characteristics.

Not only is his TikTok account full of Toy Story content, but his Youtube Channel is too! The content creator has an entire collection of movie-accurate Toy Story figures.


Photo Credit: Disney

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To see more of your favorite Toy Story characters, give Toy Story Land a visit in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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