What Is Adventures by Disney?

Adventures by Disney
Credit: WDW News

Disney has so many things to offer, that do not include theme Parks, films, and merchandise. The massive mogul is filled with countless experiences that can leave any fan speechless. An exploration like no other is Adventures by Disney. But what is it and is it worth it?

Adventures by Disney began in 2005 with its headquarters in Celebration, Florida. The adventure offers trips to over 30 countries across 7 continents. There are also more than 50 itineraries available. This variant of a Disney family vacation offers a new concept of destinations with Disney. These experiences are far more than just country hopping in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

What Is Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney is a guided group family vacation that allows Guests to experience the world through Disney. Even if you aren’t a fan of Mickey Mouse, don’t scroll past just yet! These planned vacations are all over the world, in some of the most sought out vacation destinations. They also offer adult-exclusive vacations, along with escapes and private adventures. Disney helps their Guests experience the world in new ways, with special access, local guides filled with knowledge, and activities for every age in your group.

Adventures by Disney

Credit: WDW News

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Where Can You Go

With Adventures by Disney, you are definitely leaving the theme Parks and packing for a bigger excursion. Some places to visit are Japan, Australia, South Africa, Antarctica, Italy, England, and France, as well as North American adventures in Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, and more. Explorations for 2024 are now available, and Disney is offering “to save up to $500 per person on select 2024 & 2025 when you book by August 5, 2023.”

Fun fact: Guests were taken on a recent trip to Colombia, the country that inspired Disney’s film ‘Encanto’ (2021).

Adventures by Disney

Credit: WDW News

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Is It Worth It

Insider describes Adventures by Disney as “An option from Disney that erases the frustration and anxiety of planning a family vacation.” If you are the type of vacationer who likes everything to be planned for you, this is an experience you’ll want to add to your bucket list! As all Disney fans know, Disney has impeccable customer service and thinks of every detail. A Trip with Adventures by Disney is no different. Adventures by Disney has been recognized for its efforts in winning awards for;

  • In the Cruise Critic’s 2019 Editors’ Picks, Adventures by Disney and AmaWaterways partnership was honored as the Best River Cruise Line for Families for the fourth consecutive year.
  • Adventures by Disney won Best in Tour Operators – Adventure in the 2017 Travel Weekly’s Annual Readers Choice Awards.
  • In 2019, Adventures by Disney won North America’s Leading Tour Operator for the fifth consecutive year in the World Travel Awards.
Adventures by Disney

Credit: WDW News

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If you are looking to plan a vacation outside of the theme parks, this may be your next trip! Even if it isn’t for the whole family, any excursion can be the best fit for you and whomever you travel with. Disney even offers a free brochure to look at your options and choose your next Disney excursion.

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