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What Is Happening with Disney Guests?!

It’s hard not to notice all of the recent bad behavior that’s been happening in the Parks. Several recent incidents have gone viral on social media that have showcased the increasingly bad behavior of Disney Park Guests. Longterm Park-goers of the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort have also noticed the uptick in Guest related incidents- and they aren’t happy. Whether it be bringing banned contraband into the parks, causing fires on rides, or just overall rudeness, there is no shortage of recent disappointing Guest behavior.

Sleeping beauty Castle

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The Rise of Bad Guest Behavior at Disney

What is going on at the Disney Parks? There are countless examples of irresponsible behaviors by Guests in recent months. One of the most shocking incidents was when a Guest brought in a firework to the Disneyland Resort in Southern California. The Guest was able to get a firework past Park security, where she proceeded to light it on fire in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The firework was clearly meant for photo purposes, but the whole situation is still mind-boggling. In the video, you can see Park security addressing the situation and quickly removing her from the Park.


In the viral TikTok, originally posted by bystander @thenostalgiclatino, fans have sounded off in the comments expressing their disappointment and confusion over this situation.

One commenter writes, “I can’t even conceptualize how she thought she would not get in trouble?”

Another comment says, “Sheesh! Yet my marker for autographs on my ears was taken away at security lol glad to see the Cast Member was on it. Wild what some people think is okay!”

Luigi Fire

Credit: @hunterjakesteele on TikTok

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What Can Be Done about Rude and Reckless Guests?

This isn’t the only incident to recently go viral in the parks. One Guest stumped fans when she dropped her phone on Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roasters in Disney’s California Adventure. Other videos have shown Guests unnecessarily yelling at Cast Members, filming with flash on dark rides, and asking insensitive questions to Park characters.

While there is no easy solution to this problem, it is clear that something must be done to limit bad behavior in the Parks. It is disappointing to see Guests disrespect and ruin what should be a magical day for others.

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