7 Things Walt Disney World Insiders Love About Family Vacations

Family vacations are the best! It is so much fun to explore, learn, relax and create great experiences with the ones that you love the most in the world. Time flies way to fast, so it’s great when you get a chance to live in the moment and just enjoy it. Here are 7 things that Walt Disney World Insiders love about family vacations:


7. Gathering the freebies!

Family vacations are expensive, right? Well there is nothing wrong with enjoying the free things that the vacation has to offer for the whole family. There are many freebies and samples throughout Disney Springs. You can also collect Mickey stickers, transportation trading cards, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards and many other freebies, including park maps that you can keep to commemorate your trip with your family. It is fun to hold onto all of the memories and fun without the expense!

6. Dining out

Everyone loves the opportunity to dine out and try new things. Sure, Mom’s cooking is amazing, but she deserves a break, and then the whole family gets to enjoy whatever they want on the menu! It is a real treat for most families to get to dine out so much and get to experience different cuisines and flavors. The best part is that Disney World has so many unique experiences to offer that you can’t even experience them all in one vacation. There is no shortage of dining experiences to try, and to meet the preferences of the whole family.

5. Fun family photos

Photos are the best souvenir since they aid in capturing all of the amazing moments throughout your trip. This is your opportunity to huddle close together and pose for pictures with genuine smiles (and genuine goofiness) with the amazing backdrop of Walt Disney World. You can also use the pictures to celebrate various moments and milestones together as a family and commemorate the moment in a picture forever!

4. A good excuse to act goofy

You don’t necessarily have to act like the Goofy (you can if you want, we don’t mind!), but this is definitely an opportunity to cut loose and enjoy yourself. Families get so caught up in day to day life filled with work, school, homework, meetings, doctor’s appointments, sporting events, etc. that sometimes we all forget to just relax, act silly and enjoy each other. Family vacations give us that great opportunity. We are away from home and around thousands of people we will likely never see again, so why not act like a kid again and enjoy the happiest place on earth? Trust me, you will love it!

3. Crazy ride photos

I am constantly impressed with the creativity that families come up with to create the craziest ride photos. Once you learn where the cameras are on rides with photos, you can really create some incredible memories. Some people even bring props to hold out during the ride. Interested? Try Google-searching crazy Disney World ride photos and you will be amazed at what folks have come up with. Can you come up with something even better? I am sure you can!


2. Matching shirts

OK, so some of you may roll your eyes or make fun of the matching t-shirts, but they really are a lot of fun. They are a great way to celebrate the theme of your trip in your photos. They are also a great way to be recognized as a family and let your personalities shine a little bit. It really does contribute to some of the magic that is Disney World. Plus, the matching shirts are a great way to keep track of all of your family members and identify them in a crowd! Stylish and utilitarian!

1. The memories!

This is irreplaceable. Families change, grow and evolve so much year after year. Sooner or later the kids are grown and you may not get the opportunity to do family vacations like you may want to. Making memories on a Disney Vacation is one of the main reasons why you do it. You want to be able to enjoy a fantastic time as a family and recall the stories to each other over the years and never forget the amazing moments! Disney World has been such a huge part of our lives and I know that my boys will always have a special place for Disney in their hearts after the treasured memories that we have made as a family in the parks.

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