Thousands of Children’s Disney Clothing Being Recalled Due to “Lead Poisoning Hazard”

Although Disney fans love to wear Disney clothing to show off their favorite characters, movies, and TV shows, nobody has more Disney clothing marketed towards them than children.

From loungewear to day clothes to pajamas, the children’s section of any department store is packed to the brim with Disney clothing.

However, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recently made an alarming announcement concerning a vast amount of children’s Disney clothing sets.

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Bentex Group Incorporated is a “family of affiliated companies” specializing in licensed apparel/clothing, home decor, electronic devices, and more. They are currently recalling “about 87,000 children’s clothing sets” in nearly 10 Disney-themed designs due to the textile ink used.

images of recalled clothing

Credit: News4Jax

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These textile inks reportedly have lead levels exceeding the federal lead content ban, which creates a lead poisoning hazard for the children wearing these clothes.

Between November of last year and August this year, the recalled clothing in question has been sold at department stores such as “T.J. Maxx, dd’s/Ross, Burlington, Army and Air Force Exchance Service, and other stores nationwide, as well as online as,” according to a report made by News4Jax.

description and batch numbers

Credit: News4Jax

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Check these batch numbers and descriptions to see if any children’s clothing purchased between November 2021 and August 2022 matches. The batch numbers can be found on the side label or the neck of the clothing.

description and batch numbers of recalled clothing continued

Credit: News4Jax

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If you have any of these recalled clothing items, it’s advised that they be taken away from children immediately. Contact Bentex for further instructions on receiving a full refund, returning, or throwing away the clothing.

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