Fans Are Furious at Minnie Mouse’s Actions In This Shocking Video

Thousands of people visit Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort every day, and each Guest has expectations about how they’ll be treated while visiting a Disney Park.

Disney makes a significant effort to ensure each Guest is treated with the utmost respect and given an experience that’s as magical as possible. However, one recent Guest had an experience that soured the day and definitely did not meet the magical expectations associated with Disneyland Resort.

minnie mouse

Credit: Disney

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One user on TikTok, Aiko Mora (@aikotov1), recently shared a video showing the Minnie Mouse face character at Disneyland handling her daughter less gently than expected. Minnie Mouse even rejects the little girl’s two attempts at getting a hug, and Disney fans are infuriated.


This is how minnie decided to treat my kid after making 1 hour in line…Not a magical time…@Disney Parks @Disneyland California @Disneyland California #disneyland #disneyparks #minniemouse #mickeymouse

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As we can see in the video, the little girl jumps up and down and is incredibly excited to meet the Disney character. Minnie Mouse is holding her hand out, but the little girl opens her arms for a hug.

Instead of gently redirecting the child, Minnie Mouse then spins the child around a little roughly, but Aiko’s daughter is not deterred. Determined to get a hug from Minnie Mouse, she spins around with open arms again, only for the face character to spin her around once more, even rougher than the first time.

The little girl smiles for the camera but looks confused and hurt, and other users were quick to pick up on it.

minnie mouse

Credit: Disney

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One user comments, saying, “her little face says it all! i’m so sorry,” and the consensus of the comment section agrees.

However, one user comments in Minnie Mouse’s defense, writing, “Minnie seems to be exhausted. Please give her a break.” However, most comments disagreed with this notion.

minnie and mickey at the aulani resort

Credit: Disney

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Disney fans are so furious about this interaction that many have taken to writing comments on the official Disney Parks TikTok videos expressing their frustrations.

Although the most recent video shows a seasonal holiday decoration, the comment section is filled with fans advocating for a new actor portraying Minnie Mouse.

Will Disney take action or release a statement? We’ll simply have to wait and see.

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