Spotlight on AbracadaBar, Walt Disney World’s Magic Bar

The words “magic” and “bar” don’t typically go together.  

But this is Walt Disney World, and to paraphrase Walt, if you can dream it, you can do it – so if your dream is to enjoy a deliciously magical concoction in a magician’s lounge from yesteryear, look no further!   

Today, we turn the spotlight on AbracadaBar, Walt Disney World’s wonderfully unique magic bar.


Adventurous Guests will find AbracadaBar on Disney’s BoardWalk, the perfectly picturesque promenade for shopping, dining, and entertainment on Crescent Lake. It’s a tiny bar (though it packs a big punch) sandwiched between Flying Fish and Trattoria al Forno.  

AbracadaBar and the rest of Disney’s BoardWalk delights are an easy walk or boat ride away from Disney’s EPCOT theme park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, which makes it a perfect destination in the middle of or at the end of a day in the Parks.


Credit: Disney


Like virtually every Disney attraction or eatery, AbracadaBar has a rich backstory that, while not strictly necessary to enjoy the bar’s atmosphere or creative beverages, will certainly add another layer to your appreciation.  

The backstory here? AbracadaBar was once the nightly haunt of the most talented magicians in days of yore (“yore” could be open to interpretation, but according to the Boardwalk Bugle hanging on a wall, refers to 1940). Illusionists would perform for one another into the wee hours, attempting to out-magic their contemporaries, and whipping up magical beverages out of thin air.

One day, AbracadaBar mysteriously disappeared (as magic bars do), lost in the mists of time, until today. Now you can step inside, and experience the bar just as the magicians left it so many years ago.

Magic Memorabilia

The magic begins right at AbracadaBar’s entrance, above which is a sign that reads OPEN SESAME. And it only gets better from there.  

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve walked onto a movie or theatre set, the theming is that richly dramatic. Red velvet curtains with gold tassles adorn the windows, vibrant damask wallpaper lends the walls a dramatic flair, and the dizzying floor tiles are an optical illusion dancing beneath your feet.  

Do spend as much time as you can wandering around because AbracadaBar is meant to be explored!  

Credit: Disney Dining

In fact, this would be an excellent place for a scavenger hunt. Just a few things you might encounter are a straitjacket, a collection of wands, a wall of mirrors, and vintage magic posters.

Even the wallpaper conceals hidden images from the world of magic (oh, and look for Hidden Mickeys in the stained-glass windows!).


The creative and colorful beverages offered at AbracadaBar might just put a spell on you – even if you don’t drink alcohol. 

Pepper’s Ghost (bonus points for Guests who recognize the nod to the waltzing ghost effect used in Magic Kingdom theme park’s Haunted Mansion) is a popular choice, featuring Ciroc Pineapple Vodka and lime. 

The Seashore Sweet (further bonus points to Guests who rightly wondered if this is a nod to the shop that formerly occupied AbracadaBar’s space) is comprised of Absolut Citron, Minute Maid Lemonade and Cotton Candy Syrup, and the Magic Mirror is another sweet treat made from Bacardi Rum, Soda Water, Mango Syrup, Sprite, and Lime Juice.  


Credit: Disney

Both the Seashore Sweet and Magic Mirror drinks can be made without alcohol – we recommend the former because the drink will be poured in front of you so you can see the generous helping of cotton candy disappear before your eyes.


Even in a Disney bar or lounge, Guests who wish to can usually sample enough tantalizing small plates and appetizers that a snack qualifies as a meal. At AbracadaBar, that might not be the case.  

There are currently only three food items (listed as “Bar Snacks”) on the menu.  

Abra Fries with Parmesan Cheese, Gremolata, and Truffle Cheese Sauce, Margherita Pizza, and Salumi with Assorted Meats and Cheeses. Complimentary Curry-Dusted Popcorn with Chickpeas used to arrive at your table, and we can’t wait to visit again to see if that’s still the case, post-reopening.


While AbracadaBar employs theming that is more adult-oriented than child-oriented, that’s not to say that kids aren’t welcome here – or that they wouldn’t enjoy the bar, especially if your little ones are curious or magic-inclined!  

There are a lot of hands-on, interactive experiences, from the bartending Cast Members who perform tricks, to the playing cards at your table, to that fabulous dissolving cotton candy trick.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and visit the bathrooms, even if you don’t need to use them. The signs on the bathroom doors are simply enchanting, featuring bowties, rabbits being pulled from hats, and magic wands. 

And en route, you can’t miss the “TO STAGE” sign depicted in penny tiles – follow the sign and listen carefully, and you may even be treated to the sounds of a magic show and accompanying applause coming from beyond the stage door.

While we can’t imagine not wanting to sit inside and soak up every single glorious detail, AbracadaBar does have outdoor seating on its patio. If you choose this option, your drink will arrive in a plastic cup rather than a glass.

Bottom Line

We could all use a little more magic in our day, even at Walt Disney World!  

AbracadaBar serves up fresh, imaginative cocktails and mocktails that hit the spot, but even better is the sublimely layered and richly detailed atmosphere that will appeal to the magic lover in every Guest. This is the perfect place to come if you’re not looking for a meal, but to linger over a great drink and theming.

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