Adults Visiting Disney World Have Fit Over Closed Attraction

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, things happen! Walt Disney World is a magical place to spend your vacation. With four Parks, two water Parks, Disney BoardWalk, and Disney Springs, there are countless things to do while visiting. Disney works diligently to give every Guest the best experience possible.

One way Disney tries to implement that is with their Cast Members. Cast Members are workers at the Parks who are also a bit of undercover heroes. With Disney’s strive for perfection, which stems from Walt Disney himself, Cast Members undergo training to assist Guests in the best ways they can. A great example of this is when asking for directions like where to find the nearest restroom; Cast Members will always point with two fingers, never one. Disney Dining reported, “Pointing with one finger is considered impolite in some cultures.”

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Walt Disney believed in certain standards that he hoped to continue even after his passing. In that wish, The Walt Disney Company has continued many of those standards, like trash cans. “The idea of having trash cans 30 feet apart from each other was something that Walt Disney himself created as the magic number in terms of what would be needed to ensure that Disneyland was never dirty or filled with garbage,” Inside the Magic writes.

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Additionally, Walt Disney felt similarly about gum, which is unavailable in the Parks. He wanted the Parks to be clean and kept as so, which means purchasing gum inside Disney is not an option. Along with these expectations come those of Guests visiting the Parks. No matter what Park you are visiting, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, or Shanghai Disney, the rules are the same when it comes to Guests.

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Expectations at Disney World

The Walt Disney Company sets high expectations of themselves and what they want to deliver to visitors. But that means they, in turn, expect the same respect from Guests. Although posted on the Park’s websites with rules to follow, some Guests break them. Whether it is intentional or not, rules are rules, and some do end up facing the consequences.

We have seen Guests who have been asked to leave the Parks, like the Famous YouTubers who were kicked out. We’ve also seen Guests who have had to be escorted out, along with getting a lifetime ban. No one wants that, not Cast Members, Disney Police, or the Guests, but sometimes bad behavior results in repercussions.

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Irate Guests at Disney World

One Guest shared their recent experience at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The Guest shared that the newest attraction at Magic Kingdom, TRON Lightcycle / Run, was temporarily closed down. Some Guests reacted in a way others found “disgusting.” The Guest wrote,

I have never witnessed the absolute disgusting behavior by grown adults tonight when Tron was closed. Yelling at the cast members, profane language with kids all around. And then when it reopened, more yelling because they weren’t let in because they didn’t have a virtual queue or lightning lane. Grown adults. Cmon.

Unsurprisingly, Guests and Disney fans flooded the comment section of this Reddit post with their own experiences similar to this. Some comments included, “Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to behave in public, and I’ve found more adults acting immature than kids.” Another Guest added from their trip, “Every. Single. Negative, stressful, annoying, sad moments directly came from other guests.”


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It’s unfortunate that choices others make in a public area can negatively affect many surrounding them. Disney does not tolerate nor condone bad behavior. Although the post did not conclude what happened with the Guests causing havoc, Disney’s rules clearly state their rules on profanity. Disney writes, “Please show common courtesy to fellow Guests and our Cast Members by not using profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive behavior, jumping lines or saving places in lines for others.”

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It’s often likely in situations like this that Cast Members may require security to step in when Guests become irate. Especially off of things like an attraction temporarily closed, which is always out of a Cast Member’s hands. What’s more is that oftentimes, Cast Members will help Guests get on rides or even give out a free lightning lane pass to the nice and respectful ones who just ask for help.

Have you experienced anything like this in a Disney Park?

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