Disney Guests Disgusting Behavior to Avoid Leaving Ride Lines

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Walt Disney World has so much to experience, but this should not be one of them. As a Guest of “The Most Magical Place On Earth,” you know the planning and spending that goes into visiting the theme Parks. Even as an Annual Passholder or Disney Vacation Member, a trip to Disney can quickly become expensive. Those traveling with a group or their family can expect to pay at minimum a few hundred dollars per person just for Park entry.

With all of that said, you want your hard-earned money to be spent in the right way. Disney offers four theme Parks, two water Parks, Disney BoardWalk, and Disney Springs, giving a plethora of options to enjoy the Resort. Although Guests try their hardest to enjoy their vacation as they wish to, sometimes things are out of their control.

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Issues at Disney Parks

We’ve previously reported issues in the Parks of Guests altercations that have altered the magical experience for some. Like the family that gave another family a hard time while taking too long during a meet and greet, the boy who was getting to know his favorite character was rewarded with some exclusive meets throughout the day due to others’ bad behavior. Surely, if you’re experiencing an issue, Cast Members are there to assist as this one did.

Cast Members are the unsung heroes who make Disney World run smoothly. They deal with all kinds of situations and are trained on what to do in the event that a Guest needs some special assistance. Continuing on with a smile, Cast Members always seem happy to help out and ensure you are having the most magical day at the Park.

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Although Cast Members try to give every Guest the best experience, some things are out of their control. Sure, weather is one that is out of everyone’s hands, even the great Walt Disney World. But a little rain can just make your day a new adventure. But what about other Guests causing havoc on your visit? Who’s in control of that? And who is in control of handling bad behavior like the one Reddit users are describing?

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Guests Use Que Lines as Public Toilet

The headline sums it all up. Gross! A Reddit user took to the shared page to comment on their recent experience at Disney World. They wrote, “I am in the queue for RotR – someone let their kid take a dump on the floor, and then they just walked out and left it- WTF?”

We can start off by talking about how disgusting this is, but also hazardous to everyone in the surrounding area. “It spreads biological hazards into an enclosed, highly populated space,” Disney Dining adds. Of course, the comments flew in once this post hit Reddit with other Guest experiences and even some from Cast Members.

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What may surprise you is the fact that this happens much more often than many of us would expect. One Cast Member commented, “For the skeptics… this actually happened. Fun fact: this was one of 3 shit-related incidents at Rise today. Less fun fact: I was here for all 3 of them.” It’s a pretty wild concept to think that Guests find it acceptable to do this, putting others’ health in harm’s way. Furthermore, two words to solve this problem: Cast Members!

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Cast Members Are Here to Help

Cast Members are there to help for a reason! In fact, we reported a few different ways on how you can have a better day at the Parks, just by speaking with a Cast Member. One Reddit user commented, “Don’t people know they can just tell one of the line attendants they have a bathroom emergency and get a rider swap?”

The short answer is yes. Cast Members will assist any Guest who needs to leave the line because they would much rather help than have to deal with these kinds of issues later. Additionally, Disney has public restrooms listed on their website for assistance when looking to use one in each Park.

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Although there were no comments on who did this and what consequences they faced, it does bring up a point about the rules and regulations enforced by Disney. Oftentimes, Guests will be kicked out of the Parks for not following rules and sometimes banned, depending on the situation. This seems to align with a lifetime ban for the lack of respect for all Guests and workers at Disney World.

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