Are Courteous Disney Guests Disappearing?

With multiple visits over the years to Walt Disney World Resort, we’ve been surprised to see what we believe would be some basic courtesies disappearing among Guests within the Parks and Resorts.

While these are not Disney rules, they are common courtesies among Disney fans… but are they disappearing?

Standing for Elderly or Pregnant Women

Disney World has a massive transportation network. With Monorails, the Skyliner, boats, and buses, there are many ways to navigate the Parks and Resorts.

Credit: World of Disney

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But, after a long day in a Disney Park, have you ever gotten on a bus, for example, and found it to be full of Guests? This is extremely common at select times of the day to have standing room only.

It seems like as each year goes by, Guests seated rarely stand and give up their seats for what may be elderly Guests standing or even pregnant women.

Sharing a Quick-Service Table with Other Guests

With the massive amount of people visiting Disney, finding a table to dine at can be tricky when eating at a quick-service restaurant. We’ve seen Guests take up tables of six with just two people and refuse to give up empty chairs or table space for other Guests.

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival
Credit: Disney

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We suspect this shift in behavior likely has something to do with COVID the past couple of years. It would, however, be a generous thing to offer table space if available to someone looking to eat.

Throwing Trash Away

While Disney is one of the cleanest theme parks around, it seems like the amount of trash sitting around is increasing.

Credit: Disney Tips

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We’re not sure if there is a shortage of Cast Members, but we’ve also seen several Guests stand up from parades or fireworks and leave all of their snack trash sitting on the group for someone else to clean up.

With the number of trash cans spread throughout the Park, throwing trash away is typically not a difficult thing.

Giving Guests Personal Space

If the pandemic caused the issue of Guests not allowing others to use their extra table space, as mentioned above, it definitely doesn’t stop them from forgetting what personal space is.

Credit: World of Disney

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If you’ve stood for Magic Kingdom or EPCOT fireworks and nighttime spectaculars, chances are you know about this lack of personal space.

Of course, there are a ton of people for nighttime spectaculars, so it’s going to be crowded, but recently people have gone to the extreme of practically leaning on the Guest in front of them to see what’s going on. A little bit of a personal bubble is good!


Disney doesn’t help with this one. Practically every component of their Park has a phone benefit. From Genie, Genie+, Lightning Lanes, Mobile Ordering, Merchandise Check-Out, Play Disney, and more… phones are part of the Park experience.

Family with phone
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But when it comes to dark rides such as Haunted Mansion or holding up a phone and blocking those trying to see behind you – it may be time to put the phone down for a minute and just enjoy the Disney experience.

Are these Guest courtesies really disappearing, or is this a temporary hiccup as Disney fans get back to “normal” after the strange “COVID world” these past couple of years?

Keep smiling and creating magic, Disney fans!

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