‘Avatar’ Producer Confirms “New Clans” and “New Cultures” Are In Store for Upcoming Sequels

Anyone familiar with James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) and its recent sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), will notice a long gap between the two films. But did you know that James Cameron actually began developing Avatar in the 1990s?

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In 1994, James Cameron began working on Avatar but found that the technology that would make this concept come to life had yet to be developed. Similarly, the director began developing Avatar: The Way of Water in 2012 but also found that the technology needed to bring an underwater world to life was also unavailable.

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Now, James Cameron has discussed how he filmed Avatar: The Way of Water and the third installment simultaneously. Not only that, sequences for ‘Avatar 3’ and ‘Avatar 4’ were filmed at the same time to avoid the child actors aging too quickly for their roles.

In short, James Cameron has been looking to the future since the beginning. The producer of Avatar: The Way of Water, Jon Landau, has just given audiences an idea of what to expect from future films!

avatar the way of water

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Recently, Jon Landau told Entertainment Weekly that each Avatar sequel will introduce audiences to new Na’vi cultures and new Na’vi clans. From Jessica Wang’s article:

“Each movie is going to introduce audiences to new clans, new cultures on Pandora,” he tells EW. “Once we introduce a character, they stay a part of the ongoing evolution. We just add to it. So you can expect to see the Metkayina that you meet in this movie in subsequent movies. There are other clans that we’ll introduce in movie 3 that you’ll see in movie 4 and so on and so forth.”

avatar the way of water

Credit: James Cameron

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