Best Options for Picky Eaters in Walt Disney World

If you are planning a family vacation to Walt Disney World, figuring out where to eat can be a big decision. When you have little ones, or big ones, picky eaters, this can make it even harder to plan. You don’t want to spend money on Disney food no one will enjoy, but you also don’t want to be stuck eating chicken nuggets each meal. To help you out, we have a list of both quick service restaurants and table service restaurants that can be great options for those picky eaters while still giving the more adventurous eaters options. We hope these will help you as you plan for your Disney World vacation.

Table Service Options

When visiting Walt Disney World, it can be nice to have meals scheduled at table service locations. This allows you to get out of the crowds and off your feet for a while. Picky eaters can make finding good table service options tricky, but we have some choices for you in each Disney Parks.

Liberty Tree Tavern- Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern is located in Magic Kingdom and is a fantastic option for picky eaters. This New England inspired restaurant offers lunch and dinner focusing on a good home cooked meal in a Theme Park. A full feast is served family-style, which is all you care to eat piles of roasted turkey breast, pot roast, potatoes, and green beans. This meal is wrapped up with the beloved ooey gooey toffee cake. Although there isn’t a lot of variety on the menu, being family-style and all you care to eat, those picky eaters can choose the one or two things that they like while everyone else can try a little of everything. There also is a plant based option available.

Garden Grill- EPCOT

EPCOT has many outstanding table service restaurants, but a lot of time might not have choices that picky eaters will enjoy. Garden Grill in The Land Pavilion not only has good options for picky eaters, but it is also a character dining experience and entertainment as well. Chip ‘n’ Dale and their Disney pals visit tables as Guests enjoy their family-style meal and views of Living with the Land. Like Liberty Tree Tavern, Garden Grill has a Chip ‘n’ Dale Harvest Feast that is a family style you care to eat experience. With macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, as well as a salad, turkey, and beef, those picky eaters can once again find the one or two things they enjoy and dig in.

Yak and Yeti- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

In Animal Kingdom, we would recommend Yak and Yeti for those picky eaters. Although you might not think that this would be a good choice for picky eaters, the variety of rice and noodles provide some great choices for those that don’t like much. The kids’ options are also very tasty here, offering anything from corn dogs and chicken nuggets to stir-fry and chicken fried rice. We like this choice because it allows those that are adventurous to have some fun options as well.

Sci-Fi Dine-In-  Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Looking for something entertaining and delicious? Head to Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here you get to sit in a car like you drive in and watch old films. The menu offers a variety of burgers, pasta, and salads that provide some classic food options. Although this is more of the basics for options, the movies and cars are fun for everyone.

Quick Service Options

If you aren’t a fan of chicken nuggets and hot dogs, you might think it will be hard to find something to eat in Walt Disney World. This isn’t the case when it comes to the quick service options as well. We have some great choices that will help those picky eaters find something and help others not be stuck eating the same thing each meal.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe- Magic Kingdom

In Frontierland, Guests can get some grub at this saloon. Focused on Mexican cuisine, Pecos Bill gives options of different tacos, burgers, and rice bowls. With all of these options, Guests can truly make something that they will enjoy. Those who like spice can find it, and those who are pickier can also find something they will enjoy.


Sunshine Season- EPCOT

Over in The Land Pavilion in EPCOT, Guests who want something quick should check out Sunshine Seasons. There are a variety of options in the different kitchens. From pizza and salads to salmon and stir-fry, there is something for everyone. With lots of seating, Sunshine Seasons is a fantastic choice where everyone can find something to have while relaxing.

Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We mentioned Yak and Yeti as our table service restaurant choice for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and we like the quick service version. There are some great, flavorful options for Yak and Yeti, but there are also basic options like chicken fried rice or egg rolls that picky eaters might enjoy. The kids’ meals here do offer chicken strips and uncrustables if they prefer those options.

Backlot Express- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Finally, in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we suggest you head back to Backlot Express for a meal. There aren’t many fancy options here, but the burgers are good, and there are a variety of sandwiches to choose from. Don’t forget to grab a Wookiee cookie as well for dessert!

If you are heading to Walt Disney World and have some picky eaters at your traveling party, we hope that these options will help you find meals that everyone will enjoy.

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