Can Director of ‘Barbie’ Save ‘Snow White’ Remake

Rachel Zegler, Snow White
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The ultimate question is, can Barbie (2023) save Snow White (1937)? The Barbie movie released in July 2023 was a massive hit. The all-pink film delivered comedy, inspiration, and many heartfelt moments, making it the talked-about movie of the summer. “Barbie hit the $1 billion global box office mark barely three weeks into its run — only about 50 films in history, adjusted for inflation, reached the benchmark,” CNN reported.

The woman behind it all is Greta Gerwig. “Gerwig became the first solo female director with a billion-dollar movie,” CNN writes. With her clear success, she looks forward to her next film release, Snow White, starring Rachel Zegler as the Disney Princess. We’ve previously reported the controversy surrounding the film, specifically around Zegler’s role. After an interview with Zegler resurfaced, fans went wild over her comments seemingly against the iconic Disney film.

Greta Gerwig

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While there is controversy in her comments, there has also been controversy revolving around the film. Set to be released in March of 2024, Snow White has changed up many parts of the classic film, initially created by the mogul Walt Disney. Although the movie is over eighty years old, many have opinions on leaving Disney classics as is and rebutting the remakes.

Changes to the main character casting a Latina woman, Rachel Zegler, as the Princess described as “white as snow” is the first issue with the new film. Next was the potential of there being no Prince Charming or that of the storyline changing from a love story to potentially a Disney Princess’s adventure to find herself. Lastly, the infamous Seven Dwarfs were not cast as seven white little people but as seven diverse members to make up the group.

Disney' Snow White on set

Disney’s Snow White causing a stir

Greta Gerwig and ‘Snow White’

Greta Gerwig’s helping hand in the film was writing the screenplay, which may give hope through all the controversies. While Disney hasn’t addressed any of the fan’s opinions, Walt Disney Studios co-produced alongside director Marc Webb. Seeing the strength of box office numbers for Barbie, along with the touching storyline Gerwig was able to create with the hit summer film, there may still be hope for Snow White.

In an interview with Atlantic, Gerwig said, “You’re interested in what you’re interested in, and I’m interested in women.” Pertaining to characters she has created or re-created for her films like Barbie, Lady Bird (2017), and Little Women (2019). Her successes speak for themselves, and so do her strong female characters. Applying that theory to Snow White, Gerwig may be the lasting hope for the Disney remake.

Snow White

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“There’s a wealth of material that Gerwig could draw on from the original fairytale, of which countless variations exist,” Vogue wrote, including the gruesome parts of the Brothers Grimm story. Through all the controversy and bad media the film has gotten ahead of its release, the screenwriter could be the key to making it yet another hit for her roster.

Only time will tell what Snow White will look like. What are your thoughts on the remake?

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