Cat 3 Hurricane Coming to Disney Resort

Storm clouds over Pacific Ocean with Mickey Mouse looking worried
Credit: Flickr, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Clip Art

A powerful hurricane has formed and is headed toward one of Disney’s most cherished spots.

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Hurricane Calvin

Hurricane Calvin is currently (morning of July 14) a Category 2 storm with winds at speeds of 105 miles per hour. However, it is expected to develop into a Category 3 hurricane with sustained wind speeds of 115 miles per hour. Although it is expected to gradually weaken over the next few days as it makes landfall, it is still likely to result in heavy winds, rain, and potential flooding.

Aerial View of Disney's Aulani

Credit: Aulani

Hurricane Calvin formed this week in the Pacific Ocean, not far from Hawaii and the home of Disney’s Aulani Resort. It is predicted to affect the state beginning Tuesday, according to The National Weather Service in Honolulu.

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Current models forecast a weakening of Hurricane Calvin as it moves over colder waters and “less hospitable atmospheric conditions.”


Credit: Disney Tips

Whether a hurricane forms in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, most move west. This is why Atlantic hurricanes are a more significant threat to the United States and other parts of North America than Pacific-based systems.

Disney’s Aulani Resort

Disney’s Aulani is not as large a tourist destination as Walt Disney World Resort. However, it does bring in many Guests, both American and other international tourists. Though less sprawling than either theme Park Resort, it takes up 21 oceanfront acres and includes multiple buildings, restaurants, a water park, and various pools.

Aulani Resort

Credit: Disney

If Hurricane Calvin or its weather impacts Hawaii, the Big Island will get the brunt of it. Disney’s Aulani, however, is located on Ohau, allowing it to be somewhat protected.

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As always, those in the area or those planning to visit should pay close attention to the weather conditions and any warnings issued.

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