How to Make the Most of “Mobile Ordering” at Disney World

Mobile ordering. It’s kind of a take-it-or-leave-it phenomenon that people have had to embrace during the Pandemic to reduce lines and waiting in groups. Some people love it and feel it has made their lives easier and more efficient, but some of us really haven’t given it much thought and just prefer to order our food and drinks the old ...

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The BEST Disney World Budget Hack


It’s no secret that a trip to Walt Disney World will most likely break the bank. You can visit Disney World on a budget you’ve made yourself, but when you consider the cost of the Park tickets for everyone in your party, the hotel, transportation to Disney World, and three meals a day, it’s still pretty hard to stay on ...

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Disney Drinks You Can Order at Starbucks

We all know Starbucks has a secret menu…but what you may not know is there are also Disney-inspired secret drinks menus made by fans that are reminiscent of Characters and Theme Park favorites. The best part is, you don’t even have to be at Starbucks in Disney Parks to get these drinks, you can get them from any Starbucks! While ...

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The Most Underrated Breakfast Spot In Walt Disney World

When it comes to great breakfast spots around the Walt Disney World Resort, you are never short for choice. In fact, you could say that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to Disney dining. Character Dining Breakfast with Disney characters is always an awesome day to start a Disney day. Dining with Disney princesses in the storybook setting ...

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What to Bring to Disney World: A Packing List

Packing for Disney World can be a daunting task. It’s difficult enough to plan for yourself let alone if you are planning for your entire family and with kids, there is a LOT to remember and only so much space in your suitcase. With this list, you won’t forget the essentials when planning a multiple-day trip to Walt Disney World. ...

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Mother’s Day Edition: Mom’s Favorite Moments at Disney Parks

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and motherly figures out there! For this Mother’s Day, we thought we’d highlight some of a mother’s favorite moments at Disney World and Disneyland California. Disney moms everywhere can agree that taking their little ones to Disney is a lifelong dream. Seeing the kids running around getting excited (or sometimes frightened) by the ...

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What to Know if You Haven’t Been to Disney World in the Past 2 Years


Naturally, with the restrictions of the Pandemic, Disney had to make some adjustments so visitors could continue to visit the Park. We all remember the days when some Disney Parks closed entirely temporarily. Since then, policies, programs, and new features have been added to the Parks, along with some technological advances that you’ll want to take note of if you ...

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The Most Magical Souvenir You’ll Get From A Disney Vacation

There are so many wonderful gift shops to browse around Walt Disney World that shopping naturally becomes part of the Disney experience. It’s almost impossible to leave a Disney vacation without having bought at least one souvenir. No matter your age or interests, there is a piece of Disney merchandise for everybody. Here at Disney Tips, we’re a sucker for ...

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When to Visit Disney World to Avoid The Crowds

It seems the days where Disney World Parks aren’t overwhelmingly busy are few and far between. But after years of experience and observation, we have concluded there are a few weeks during a few select months that you’ll probably get lucky with fewer crowds! Of course, this can fluctuate depending on when certain events are happening such as when new ...

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Is a Preferred View Worth The Cost When Staying In A Disney Resort?

Deciding to stay on Disney property when visiting Walt Disney World can result in paying more for your accommodation than staying elsewhere in Lake Buena Vista. Disney Resorts are classified into three categories: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. This means that there is a Walt Disney World hotel to suit every budget.  Disney Resort Benefits When you choose to be a ...

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