Tips for Doing EPCOT Like a Pro

Classic Disney Characters at EPCOT Sphere_Feature Image

EPCOT is one of Walt Disney World’s most versatile theme parks. It is a visionary celebration of life and culture throughout all nations and a timeless transcendence of the past, present, and future all in one. It contains a diverse collaboration of innovative rides and alternative attractions and is—for all intents and purposes—the embodiment of several Parks combined. With all ...

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Construction Continues on Disney’s Newest Vacation Club Accommodations

New Disney Vacation Club accommodations are coming to Walt Disney World, and construction is moving along to create the newest place to stay near the Magic Kingdom. An all-new Disney Vacation Club (DVC) tower will soon add more options for accommodations for DVC members (and Guests renting points) to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Work is currently underway at the site ...

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Creepy Urban Legends and Rumors About Disney Parks

Disney Rumors Feature Image

Over the years, some pretty creepy stuff has come out about the Walt Disney Company and Disney Parks. From elaborate conspiracy theories to ghoulish ghost stories, repeatedly retold myths to the occasional strange-but-true facts that have been embellished beyond recognition from their former formats, there is no shortage of the ever-growing collaborative of Disney lore and legends. Some folks genuinely ...

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The Romantic Spots in Disney World You May Be Overlooking

Lesser Known Romantic Spots (Beach) Feature Image

Walt Disney World Resort may be the closest thing to a fairytale dream come true on Earth. And because fairytales are all about romance and inspiring ideas for living happily ever after, it isn’t any wonder that there are just so many charming and romantic locations making up the Disney World scene. Some spots are relatively obvious, like all those ...

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The Most Romantic Restaurants at Walt Disney World

Romantic Restaurants Feature Image

You may rest assured that whatever it is you seek in the way of dining, you’re bound to find it at Walt Disney World Resort. The extended lineup of establishments includes some of the most romantic restaurants around—perfect for decked-out date nights or couples just looking to find a casual, quiet meal for two. Depending on the personal interests of ...

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Are These Disney World Restaurants Permanently Closed?

Several hotels across the Walt Disney World Resort have been undergoing refurbishments lately, but a major transformation of one iconic Resort has actually been in the works for years. With another closure just announced earlier today, and several refurbishments already in the works (including a total redesign of one of Disney’s most beloved lobbies), we have to wonder if some ...

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This Closure Could Impact How You Arrive at the Magic Kingdom

With so many forms of complimentary transportation, easy-to-navigate roads, and even several walking paths for certain theme parks and Resorts, getting around Walt Disney World is a breeze. In fact, complimentary transportation and, in some cases, the ability to walk to the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, are among the best perks of staying at a Walt Disney ...

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The Very Best Appetizers at Walt Disney World Right Now

Best Appetizers Feature Image

There is no shortage of phenomenal food options to be savored within the Walt Disney World Resort restaurant lineup range. While the main entrée selections at a particular dining establishment tend to garner most of the palatable praise in many cases, several appealing appetizers have also become immense hits with dining crowds. Some, it can even be argued, stand out ...

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