Disney Imagineer Confirms Secret Changes to ‘Dinosaur’ at Animal Kingdom

The news about changes to DINOSAUR, a popular thrill ride utilizing enhanced motion vehicles, comes on the heels of a D23 Expo announcement to completely replace Dinoland, U.S.A. at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

Many Guests give Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park a reputation for being the most “chill” in terms of environment out of all four theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort. Unfortunately, this also means Disney fans sometimes categorize it as the most “tame,” or even “boring” Disney Park.

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Plus, many say it’s a designated “half-day Park,” perhaps a remnant from Animal Kingdom’s opening when it significantly lacked any thrill rides before the introduction of Expedition Everest. Now, between the Kali River Rapids, Everest’s backward coaster, and DINOSAUR, there’s plenty to do for thrill-seekers and attractions fans alike!

Although, a famous former Imagineer for Disney Parks recently admitted a surprising change to DINOSAUR attraction. DINOSAUR invites Guests to board a CTX Time Rover vehicle and aid Dr. Seeker of the Dino Institute by going back in time to the prehistoric era.

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Firstly, when Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened on April 22, 1998, the EMV attraction was still called Countdown to Extinction, with none other than McDonald’s as its corporate sponsor. Disney would later change the name to promote its animated film, Dinosaur (2000).

However, it turns out this is not the only change Disney made to the popular ride. Of course, it’s well-known that a few years back, Walt Disney World altered some of DINOSAUR’s interior scenes, ride track, audio-animatronics, and lighting as part of a refurbishment effort.

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But that’s not all! As shared by Remnants of Forgotten Disney on Twitter, a comparison video by Attractions360 reveals another significant adjustment to the Dinoland attraction:

That’s right, for years fans have assumed that a simulated bump during the ride experience implies Guests have run over a poor dino’s tail in their EMV. Moreover, dialogue from Dr. Seeker’s character confirmed this element with a “Whoops!” reaction to the faux pas.

Even so, the debate continued enough to involve legendary entertainment designer for Walt Disney Imagineering, Joe Rohde, who set the matter straight. In the original recording, Seeker’s full line of “Whoops! Excuse Me!” in reaction to a dino’s burp gets cut off, and Rohde chimed in to confirm that’s exactly what Imagineers were going for when creating the attraction’s script:

Finally, clarity at last! Sadly, it doesn’t really matter, since Disney removed the effect and line entirely in 2018. What’s more, there’s been little word on the fate of DINOSAUR itself when Dinoland, U.S.A. becomes an all-new land soon.

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