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Disney Souvenirs With the Longest Shelf Life

Inspired by the popular Marie Kondo KonMari method, people have been rethinking their shopping and purchasing decisions. When people reorganize their homes and ask themselves whether belongings “spark joy”, their impulse buying decreases.

For many, minimalism is “in”, and cluttering spaces are out. Despite this, few Disney Guests can leave the Parks without any souvenirs. And Walt Disney World makes that almost impossible.

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The shopping choices at Disney are more plentiful and diverse than ever before. With several gift shops sprinkled across the Parks, resorts, and the spacious Disney Springs area, shopping budgets don’t stand a chance. (We’re sure even the minimalists are tempted!)

Speaking of budgets though, the price of a Disney vacation keeps going up, along with merchandise prices. Compared to a few years ago, it takes more savvy and dedicated saving to afford a vacation at all. Take heart though. This doesn’t mean you can’t splurge at all in the World of Disney store. You just may need to shop “smarter”.

Whether you are a picky shopper or a penny pincher, here are some of our favorite long-term souvenirs. If you’re looking for purchases to enjoy for years to come, we recommend you take notes.

Beautiful Artwork

While gorgeous paintings and prints can come at a cost, this is a souvenir you can enjoy 24/7 in the comfort of your home. Disney World is home to several stores selling original canvases, watercolor paintings, and prints created by famous and upcoming artists. (Pro tip: If you can’t afford a painting you love, always ask if there is a smaller option or a printed version. These will be a fraction of the cost.)

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Great stores selling Disney artwork include the Art of Disney Store and the Marketplace Co-op in Disney Springs. Additionally, Bonjour! Village Gifts in the Magic Kingdom always has an inventory of original Beauty and the Beast (1991) paintings. (Some of them were even painted by Belle’s voice actress, Paige O’Hara.) Whether you’re looking for a dreamy castle landscape, character sketch, or a modernized poster, there is a piece of Disney art calling your name.

Daily Kitchenware

Finding a new Disney coffee mug is always fun, but why not refresh your kitchen with more practical items? The World of Disney store and almost every Resort gift shop has a section for daily and special occasion kitchen items. Consider replacing your baking utensils, plastic ware, and kitchen linens with Mickey Mouse versions.

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If you’re looking for something more upscale, buy ceramic Disney dinnerware and engraved wine glasses. And if you love unique kitchen gadgets, invest in your own Mickey waffle iron. For the Disney Guest that loves to cook and host dinner parties, these Disney-themed items will be well-loved and well used.

The Wonderful World of Toys

Forget the light-up wands and plastic swords. When buying a present for a child, consider what they will treasure. Every kid is different so try to find out what they play with at home. Does your nephew love his plastic set of Star Wars (1977) action figures? Does your niece always play dress-up when you visit? Does she have an all-time favorite Disney Princess doll?

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When it comes to selecting toys, we’d recommend choosing one item carefully as opposed to a handful of trinkets. Once Upon a Toy in Disney Springs and the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom both have a huge selection of dolls, stuffed animals, games, and Disney Princess costumes to choose from. The perfect gift for your kiddo is waiting.

Designer Gear

Disney purses are no longer relegated to toy stores or dress-up trunks. Brand names like Kate Spade, Dooney and Burke, and Vera Bradley have all been inspired by Disney. Because of that, adult Disney fans can proudly carry designer purses that invoke magic. Purse designs range from subtle Minnie Mouse touches to bags inspired by specific Disney films and artists.

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If you also can’t resist a brand-name handbag, consider treating yourself to a purse you’ll use for years. And if you don’t need a purse, check out options for totes, wallets, and Disney-inspired luggage. These designer items can be found in Uptown Jewelers in The Magic Kingdom, The World of Disney, and Tren-D in Disney Springs. While these can be expensive, we can’t deny the high quality of these lovely bags.

Seasonal Décor

You might not fill your house with Disney décor, but we can bet you probably have holiday decorations. Seasonal times of the year, like Christmas, are perfect times to temporarily inject magic into your interior design. And no matter what time of year you visit Walt Disney World, there are stores where Christmas never ends. Ye Old Christmas Shoppe in The Magic Kingdom is a jolly little nook tucked into Liberty Square.

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Inside, you’ll find a constant supply of nutcrackers, glittery ornaments, wreaths, and other collector items to keep for years. When in Disney Springs, seek out the Disney’s Days of Christmas store where you’ll find an even larger inventory of Christmas supplies. Building up a supply of Disney Christmas items means that every year when trimming the tree, you’ll be reminded of your favorite vacation spot.

We hope that one of these souvenir ideas sparked your interest and excitement to shop in Walt Disney World! When considering quality over quantity, we’re confident you’ll bring home something truly special.

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