Disney World Catches Cheating Husband

Disney World Cheating: Castle with shocked woman
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Aside from Mickey Mouse and fireworks, there’s something else that most may see at Disney parks: Disney drama.

This can manifest in fighting guests, feuding siblings, arguments over line cutting, or families debating which attraction to ride next.

Disney Fireworks with someone watching - face hidden

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This can also be found at any Disney park, including Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as well as Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

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But sometimes you may find lover quarrels…or even a couple kissing. But what if they aren’t a couple? What if the two guests are having an affair? A Walt Disney World Resort affair. And what if Disney helps a wife catch her cheating husband?

two guests outside big thunder mountain

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Disney World Cheating

Well, that’s what happened to a TikToker named Natalie. In a viral news story, she caught her cheating husband…using an on-ride photo.

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During a family trip to The Most Magical Place on Earth, Natalie, her husband, their nanny, and their children went for a ride on Splash Mountain.

Splash Mountain in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom

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During the five-story plunge (which will remain with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure), a camera snaps park guests, often catching funny expressions or reactions.

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In the photo, Natalie noticed her husband and the children’s nanny “hugging too much” as they sat behind her and one of her children on the Disney ride.

Natalie on Splash Mountain with Cheating Husband

Credits: and @ibizadazeofficial on TikTok

Natalie acted on her suspicions, investigated, and confirmed that her husband was fulfilling a common cliche and partaking in an affair with their babysitter.

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Natalie also implies that the Splash Mountain souvenir photo wasn’t the only one. She suggests she “came across more than one where they were a little too close.”

The mother of two says she is “all good” and “happy.” Now.

Magic Kingdom Entrance with Disney100 decor

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The Aftermath

But the road to dealing with the affair sent her into therapy and a divorce from her former husband.

Natalie’s ex reportedly fathered another child with “the girl he told [Natalie] not to worry about,” according to the TikTok video shown here — but Natalie has skyrocketed to success on TikTok with almost 30 thousand followers.

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Her initial post about the incident garnered over 1.4 million views.

And what about the cheating nanny? According to an article in The New York Post last year, the nanny has filed charges against Natalie.

Apparently, after stealing Natalie’s husband and moving into the former couple’s home, she also sends Natalie vile messages. In addition, her nanny has banned Natalie from returning to the house to pick up her belongings and filed a police report against her.


Credit: Disney

Oddly enough, though, the cheating husband has been “quite lovely and remorseful, and just sweet considering the situation.”

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