Disney’s Upcoming Thrill Ride Promotes Inclusivity With Modified Seating Options

Amidst the recent competition sparked between Walt Disney World and nearby theme parks, Magic Kingdom’s upcoming thrill ride includes alternative seating for larger passengers.


Credit: Disney

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By now, many Disney fans may feel as if they’ll never see the opening of Magic Kingdom’s new ride, TRON Lightcycle Run. Once the attraction opens in Spring 2023, it will have taken five years to build. That’s longer than it took construction workers to build Magic Kingdom by a few years!

Credit: DisneyTips

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As we inch closer and closer to TRON Lightcycle Run’s opening date, Guests have begun noticing more and more progress. From the Walt Disney World Railroad making practice runs around the theme Park to new structures being built, Guests visiting Magic Kingdom are always watching.

The latest sightings of the attraction include alternative seating, creating a more inclusive experience for Guests! Twitter user @bioreconstruct snapped a photo of these new seats and shared them for everyone to see.

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TRON Lightcycle Run involves seating that has Guests leaning forward and holding onto handlebars as if riding a motorcycle. However, this ride vehicle may not fit or be comfortable for all body types. Luckily, at least one coaster train will include traditional lap bar seating.

TRON Lightcycle Run

Credit: Disney

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As of right now, we can’t tell if each coaster train will include the traditional lap bar seating. Hopefully, each train on TRON Lightcycle Run will include inclusive seating so that everybody can enjoy this upcoming experience.

DisneyTips will continue keeping audiences updated as more information is revealed.

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