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Does Disney Need To Crack Down on Dress Code Violators?

I think it’s pretty apparent that Disney Theme Parks cater to families. While many Park-goers are adults that don’t have children, a vast amount of visitors bring their kids to the Resorts.

You would think this obvious fact would cause Guests to behave appropriately in the said environment. Unfortunately, when it comes to how people dress at the Parks, it’s not always a guarantee that everyone will comply.

Most visitors seem to understand the unspoken rule of thumb regarding what’s okay and what crosses the line in terms of t-shirts. But, this was not the case a couple of days ago, when a man was seen wearing a trashy shirt at Disneyland Park.

A picture snapped by a Guest has caused some outrage among the Disney community. WARNING: The image below contains offensive language; proceed with caution.

Disneyland Dress Code

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It has also sparked a recurring discussion, centered around why Disney doesn’t crack down on these types of seemingly apparent violations at the Parks. Walt Disney World Resort seems to be more thorough in its policies, with numerous stories about visitors getting dress coded for more minor infractions.

Belly tops seem to be a common violation in Florida, with Disney requiring Guests to go back and change before being allowed to re-enter the Parks. With the swirl of discussion in the media, what does Disney have to say on the matter?

Disney Cast Members

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In the Frequently Asked Questions section of Disneyland’s official website, these issues are addressed in the Inappropriate Attire portion. Before a set of guidelines, there’s a note from Disney stating that inappropriate attire may result in Guests being blocked from entering the Park or asked to leave.

Included in the list, which contains eight straightforward and sensible requirements, are rules for costumes, masks, and clothing that contains “objectionable material.” It’s right there in writing!

Disneyland Family

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So why don’t we see more crackdowns at the Resort for Guests wearing shirts like the one mentioned above? An employee of the Disney company suggested their theory, which is that there are just too many Guests in the Park for Cast Members to keep accountable.

While this may be the case, it doesn’t provide much solace. We encourage Park goers to keep fellow Guests in mind when deciding what they will wear to the Resorts; it’s just common courtesy.

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