Funeral Planned for Actress Who Voiced Mulan

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Earlier this month, it was reported (both here and in legacy media) that Coco Lee, who voiced Mulan, passed away after a suicide attempt.

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Heroine Fa Mulan

In the American (English) version of the 1998 animated classic, the voice of heroine Fa Mulan was Ming-Na Wen, with Lea Salonga providing her singing voice. But the popular Disney movie was translated into multiple other languages. In China, the Mandarin version of the audio for the iconic character was voiced by Hong Kong-born American actress and singer Coco Lee.

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Coco Lee made her debut in 1994 and was notable for breaking boundaries, finding prominent fame in Chinese-speaking countries as a pop star. She eventually entered the realm of international music by performing for noteworthy films like Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).

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Coco Lee’s Passing

On July 2, after a long battle with depression, the pop singer attempted to take her own life. She was then rushed to the hospital, where she was in a coma for three days before finally passing away. According to family members, she had suffered for years from depression, and her condition had been drastically worsening, despite the singer’s attempts at seeking professional help.

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Funeral Details

Her sister, Nancy Si Lin Lee, shared details about the Chinese singer and actress’ funeral in an Instagram post.

“For those who wish to plan ahead, pls note CoCo’s funeral services shall take place on 31st July & 1st August 2023 at the Hong Kong Funeral Home in North Point,” her sister wrote. “Public vigil will be held on 31st July btw 6-10pm only. Thank you for your kind attention.”

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In a newly published obituary, CoCo Lee’s family said that her spirit will continue to live on through her music.

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“CoCo’s passing has left a hole in the hearts of her fans and loved ones, but her legacy will live on through her music and the countless lives she touched during her time on this earth,” the family said, per the South China Morning Post. “She will be remembered as a true icon of the music industry, a shining star whose light will never fade.”

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