Guests Shut Down Classic EPCOT Attraction

Whether choosing to visit Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT, Walt Disney World Resort is full of amazing Parks and attractions to experience.

living with the land rainforest scene

Credit: Disney

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EPCOT is one of the most unique Disney Parks because it’s known more for walking around, shopping, eating, and drinking rather than riding attractions. Of course, out of the attractions EPCOT does host, one of the most beloved is Living with the Land.

living with the land farmhouse scene

Credit: Disney

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Living with the Land is a slow-moving journey through different habitats and, eventually, one of the most innovative greenhouses around. Guests can witness Walt Disney World horticulturalists as they change our future for the better with brand-new growing and cross-breeding techniques.

In true EPCOT fashion, Guests can take a tour and see exotic fruits and vegetables from all over the world and even farmed fish-each of which is served in nearby restaurants, Sunshine Seasons and Garden Grill Restaurant.

living with the land greenhouse

Credit: Disney

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This ride is peaceful, hopeful, and incredibly informative! But recently, one group of Guests had their experience cut short as their ride vehicle abruptly stopped.

One Guest recently took to social media, posting a picture and the caption, “I’ve been stuck in the barn theater on Living with the Land for 30 minutes send help.”

I’ve been stuck in the barn theater on Living with the Land for 30 minutes send help from DisneyWorld

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The Guest in question clarified their situation further in the comments, writing:

“We didn’t find out for sure but we think it was our boat. It was loaded really heavy on the left side (you can see it tilting in the photo), and as we made the turn to the greenhouses it slammed to a sudden stop.”

The Guests were safely evacuated, and they even got to see the backstage and behind-the-scenes areas of Living with the Land as they were led off the attraction.

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