Guests Escorted Out of Haunted Mansion Line With Shocking Twist

Haunted Mansion Cast Member
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The magic of Disney is still very much alive! At Walt Disney World, Guests expect to have nothing less than a magical experience. With four Parks, two water Parks, Disney’s BoardWalk, and Disney Springs, there are countless ways to have an unforgettable trip. Though there are so many things to do, it can become overwhelming with where to start.

Whether it’s your first trip or your tenth, planning a Disney trip can be a whirlwind. With the Parks constantly changing and growing, there is always something new to experience that you must check off your Disney bucket list. And though no one visits Disney with the intent of having a bad time, that unfortunately happens for some Guests, too.

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Of course, everything is what you make of it! It all comes down to mindset and sometimes how quickly you can shake off a less-than-magical experience during your trip. Some experiences are completely out of your control, like other Guests making choices that may negatively affect your day. Though Disney is full of magic, some things are out of their control. Weather for one or two temporary closures for attractions that may have technical difficulties.

Cast Member

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But whatever the issue is, Disney Cast Members are always there to save the day. Cast Members are much more than just workers in the Parks; but employees who truly want to give every Guest the best experience. When situations occur that Cast Members can assist with, they almost always step in. We’ve seen reports of Guests having negative experiences and Cast Members assisting with VIP experience as a result.

The real cherry on top is when you’re enjoying your day at the Park, but a Cast Member makes it even better for no reason at all. One Guest is recounting their recent experience at Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom that had a shocking twist.

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Guests Escorted off Attraction Line

This Guest and his group were waiting in line for Haunted Mansion, a classic attraction at Magic Kingdom. The estimated wait time was 70 minutes, something common for a ride of its caliber. As they waited, they were suddenly approached by a Cast Member asking them a question they did not expect. The Guest writes,

A cast member approached us and asked if we’d like to see a special area and skip the line. Of course we said yes. He brought us to a side door where we went into a small, dark hallway with interesting mansion features. He then had us sign the “Book of Condolences”. The end of the hallway had a door that immediately led to the first room of the attraction and we walked right in. It was amazing and made our day.

First of all, CAN YOU IMAGINE! What a special and rare experience this is! Guests dream of this kind of treatment, and it’s so special that Cast Members get to do it in the Parks every now and then. This random act of kindness is called “Pixie Dusting.” “It is also frequently used to refer to the random acts of kindness that Disney Parks give their cast members free rein to bestow upon guests,” Inside the Magic details.

Coffin inside the Haunted Mansion

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Fans Reactions

This Guest questioned in his post why certain people are chosen for this kind of exclusive experience. Naturally, Guests, Disney fans, and even some Cast Members chimed in in the comment section. Fans quickly commented, “That’s the coolest thing ever!!” Other fans wrote how similar experiences happened to them also on Haunted Mansion or in various parts of all four Parks.

One Cast Member chimed in to give a little inside scoop on why this happens, in case you’re wondering how you could be next. If Cast Members have downtime from their roles, they are allowed to “make some magic” in the Parks. Additionally, they wrote, “Whenever I got a bucket, I would go outside and find someone who looked overwhelmed, over-hot, or overly kind/courteous, and I would make their day just a little bit better.”

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Tinker Bell and Magic Kingdom

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It doesn’t take much to look hot while visiting Disney World, especially during the warmer months. What it does show is the authenticity of a Guest who is kind and courteous even if/when it’s hot and they’re tired. It’s safe to say these magical moments don’t happen all the time, but when they do, they make the day for the Guests and the Cast Members who get to make a dream they didn’t even know they had come true.
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