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How to Make the Most of “Mobile Ordering” at Disney World

Mobile ordering. It’s kind of a take-it-or-leave-it phenomenon that people have had to embrace during the Pandemic to reduce lines and waiting in groups. Some people love it and feel it has made their lives easier and more efficient, but some of us really haven’t given it much thought and just prefer to order our food and drinks the old fashion way.

The My Disney Experience App for Walt Disney World Resort introduced mobile ordering as a way to keep queues short, reduce crowding, and help people plan in advance without having to wait for food.


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Mobile Ordering is available at over 20 restaurants and eateries in Walt Disney World Parks. You can choose from eat-in-style restaurants that offer take-away options via mobile order or on-the-go-grub spots.

One of the perks of having mobile ordering as an option is it is a great way to pass the time when you are waiting in long attraction lines. Feeling hungry when you’re still 30 minutes away from boarding Space Mountain after already waiting an hour? You can hop on the app and pre-order whatever meal you want to be ready for pick-up as soon as you’re off the ride.

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In cases of hot food that needs to be prepared, you can pre-order, pay, and then select the option on the My Disney Experience App to let the kitchen know you have arrived and to start preparing your food. This way, it’s hot and fresh when you pick it up.

Another time when you should take advantage of Disney mobile ordering is after the fireworks.

Generally, most Park Guests leave once the Fireworks are over. Everyone is hungry after that last push to make it to the late-night fireworks, and everyone wants a quick snack to take on their way out. Pre-order some food for pick up right after the fireworks, this way, you won’t be stuck in the lines for food when you’re already tired and just want to go home.

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